Hello world!

Despite being a professional web developer, I’m just learning to use WordPress!  This shall be an adventure!  I guess I should start with the journey that brought me to blog about underwear…

At age nineteen I gained a lot of weight (40lb over the course of a two years) due to improper diet, birth control, other medications, and improper exercise.  My doctors found I had an insulin problem and prescribed diet and exercise.  Well, I managed to lose the insulin problem, but almost none of the weight!  At age 26 I found out I’d been wearing a series of the wrong size bras, so I’d gotten some stretch marks and sag.  These are irreversible and the consequences of youth, I guess.  Anyway, I was eventually fitted at a 38DDD, after lots of trial and error.  Lane Bryant had a great balconette in that size, and I felt pretty set.  After so much searching, I considered myself something of an expert!

A little over a year ago I changed a medication, and proceeded to lose twenty pounds.  I guess I hadn’t been doing the diet and exercise wrong after all!  This drastically changed my bra size, and I needed to constantly refit.  It’s my largest clothing expenditure.  However, my new size showed a narrower ribcage and…wait why did my breasts barely lose anything!  Gah!  Lane Bryant doesn’t make anything below a 36 and most American brands don’t go over DD!

Apparently one is only allowed to have breasts in Europe, or at least the UK, France, and Poland.  I found the Eveden brands, Panache, and then Curvy Kate and the larger sizes of Wonderbra.  However, there’s no consistent sizing for me, or for pretty much anyone!  Each model has to be separately evaluated.  I’ve rejected more bras at Nordstrom and sent back more mail orders than I really like to contemplate.  However, the payoff is worth it- better posture, better support.  The magic of the internet will help ladies out there save money and hassle by putting our data together.


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