The working life in New England demands tees

New England definitely has seasons- it’s humid, disgusting, and in the nineties (32 Celsius) in August, and in the winter we get plenty of snow and it’s normally freezing, sometimes well below.  Fall and spring are schizophrenic- they can’t decide where to be, and we have true few spring or autumn days.  Today is one of them, it’s foggy and drizzly out.  I’m still in short sleeves, though, because I am well-insulated.  I’ve on a t-shirt, a knee-length skirt, and sneakers.

The t-shirt may be a phenomenally bad idea.  For you see, if I wear a unisex t-shirt to fit it looks baggy, and if I wear a fitted one it looks almost pornographic.  It’s definitely laundry day, and I shouldn’t wear t-shirts, because despite covering everything they draw attention to the curve and the words on said curves (‘jQuery: write less, do more’).  Reading somebody else’s breasts always seemed awkward to me.  Is there a way to surmount this problem?  I love designs and some prints on tops, but lettering over my breasts is somehow aesthetically weird.

Anyway, why do I wear this at work?  I am lucky and work in a low-key IT environment, in a secluded offices where I see very few people all day.  So long as I am decent I can wear whatever I want (shorts and a tank top in summer).  This usually means a close-fitting v-neck or tank top, with a button down (that I don’t button) over it, or some kind of cardigan.  It is thus I end up needing mostly t-shirt bras.

A t-shirt bra is one that doesn’t show under close-fitting tops.  Hence, it’s usually molded or padded, and definitely seamless.  Because of my love of close-fitting clothing, I find almost all of my bras need to be close to invisible, and that’s a tall order.  I have come to love two t-shirt bras so far: the Panache Porcelain (28 DD-G, 30-38 D-G) and the Freya Deco (28-38 D-G, 30-36 GG).  Non-molded bras (also called cut-sew) can show seams or lacy patterns through a shirt.  My question, then, is why are so many DD+ bras in lace?  I understand wanting a bra to be pretty or something fun to wear around the house, but for most days I want something that’s practical- but who says you can’t make a molded bra lovely?  I’ll keep an eye out.


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