Brastop shipped in record time! shipped me my order in ten days, which was mega-fast of them!  Unfortunately I had to send all of it back (75 british pounds = 126 USD), which will charge me something for shipping.  I am ordering an exchange on the Curvy Kate Tempt Me, though, despite its odd shape.

Two of the bras I sent back (Kris Line Taboo and Curvy Kate Thrill Me) I sent back because one could see the through shirts- the former has a prominent seam where the cup goes from padded to mesh, and the latter has ruffles that are rather bumpy under most shirts.  The Taboo was also a tad small and the Thrill Me a bit large (the white version runs pretty large, it seems)

The Fantasie Ava I am sending back because I don’t fill the top of the cup properly, but the bra is the correct size, I think.

The Curvy Kate Tempt Me had an odd fit in that I couldn’t fill the bottom of the cup properly because the padding was stiff and the cup pretty shallow, so I had quadra-breast at the top and extra fabric at the bottom.  I am ordering yet another cup size up to try it- the shape it gives is amazing.

I’ll go more into this later!

Lace, mesh, and show-through

I almost exclusively wear t-shirt style bras for two reasons- they give me good shape and they don’t show under clothes.  There are a good many pretty bras out there that I just can’t wear on a day-to-day basis, unless I want everyone to see cloth-lumps under my shirt.

The Lepel Fiore looks rather interesting, even if I am not really a lace girl (I like modern art, what can I say?).   However, I really do not know how ladies can claim to wear it every day.  Is every day a sweater day?  I’ve historically had this problem with other bras that have a lot of lace/detailing.  The Panache Tango Two’s leaf-pattern shows through.   Mesh bras also tend to have thick seams that are visible when I don’t want them to be.

Even padded bras have some lace or ribbon details that make them not very suitable- the big offenders include the Curvy Kate Showgirl collection and some Masquerade bras.  This is a shame for me and probably plenty of others, because they give such an amazing shape otherwise.

I could stop wearing close-fitting clothing, but it I wear something large enough that it doesn’t fit closely around the chest, it’s far too large everywhere else.  I could wear sweaters more, but although that’s find in the winter here, I don’t find New England autumns or springs ask for it.  If the ladies have advice on bras that don’t show through medium-weight cotton blouses I’d be happy to take it!

I shan’t perk up

I generally find it easy to tell if a woman has implanted breasts when she’s wearing a bikini- their fullness is evenly distributed on the bottom and top, making a half-spherical shape.  However, gravity and the nature of breast tissue won’t do that, so like many DD+ women mine are full on the bottom only- this is called a shallow profile.  Usually the tissue is pretty soft, and this calls for a larger bottom of the cup and a narrower top.  Fitters thus recommend demi bras to me, but those are not usually very supportive- I do run for the bus, walk quickly around town, et cetera.  The lady at Intimacy gave me an exasperated look and said that my best option might be sport bras.  I guess I could wear sport bras all the time, but those generally aren’t made for a shallow profile either.

Soft tissue in my experience wants a molded cup so the tissue doesn’t migrate as easily- I own one cut-sew bra and I get quadra-breast after a few hours.  In America lots of media makes perky (and gravity-defying!) breasts seem the ideal, but without a bra, gravity wins.  Anyway, I’m looking for more bras that could fit my profile- the Fantasie 4510 has too much space at the top for me to fill, unfortunately.  The Cleo Jude just looked odd when I tried it on in store- cups extremely separate and I had to go up two sizes so that the cup didn’t cut into the top of my breasts.

I tried on the Chantelle Rive Gauche 3086 at Intimacy, and it’s one of the few demi bras that I’ve liked, but I can’t find it in malls in my size, and I’m not sure what size to go to.  Nordstrom only carries it up to F (E English size), however.  The most famous molded bra in America, however, is Le Mystere’s Dream Tisha.  European sizing means I’d wear a 32H, but I hear the bra is best suited for fuller breasts, as opposed to shallow profile ones.  I’ve tried them on before when I was changing the sizes- it’s supportive, but definitely feels like armor!  I should give it another try if I go to the mall at Thanksgiving, even if it runs small…

Curvy Kate in the US!

Eight months ago I found out about Curvy Kate, an English lingerie brand that goes from D-K and starts at a 28 band, which is an amazing range of sizes!  However, the best source of them was via Brastop (an associated company), which charges a bunch of shipping to the US and it often takes a month to arrive.  The styles Brastop features are usually six months old, which is why we can get them on sale.

Anyway, Figleaves (based in the UK, but ships really fast) now has Curvy Kate!  Granted, they are limited now to the unpadded kind and only three styles, but hopefully we will see the padded styles soon.  It’s a start.

I have an issue with my current Curvy Kate Emily, size 32FF.  When I put the bra on, it fits great.  However, over the day the tissue migrates, and I get spillover.  Is the bra too small?  I’m ordering a cup size larger to experiment- it may just be too big and not the bra for me.  The cups are very wide and I feel I am pointed a bit out to the sides.  I hear this bra runs true to size, so it might be that I actually need a 32G normally?

Sporting with proper armor

I was out this weekend camping, thus unable to post every day.  While camping, I run and fall down a lot, thanks to some improv theater my friends and I do.  However, it was the first time in many months I’d done that- my regular exercise is stationary biking, so I haven’t really needed a sport bra (at least I thought), since my torso doesn’t move.

I recently (less than two weeks ago!) got a Freya Active Underwire sports bra.  Due to a fitting at Intimacy, I  knew the band came up a bit tight, and I thus took the 34F instead of 32FF, which felt supportive without being as restrictive as some of my underwear.  The cup was slightly roomy but going down a size (I got fitted with the 34E and the saleslady though I was daft) doesn’t quite give enough room, depending on time of the month.  Anyway, it looks like an average bra, encapsulating the breasts so they stay in place instead of trying to squish them, a method I despise.  Retails for 60 USD (ouch!).  My preliminary reports after only a few days using it, including this weekend, are that it does a fabulous job of minimizing motion.  I showed a friend of mine how good it was by jumping up and down in it, and she was quite impressed.  The one caveat I have is that the seam is very horizontal and will show through garments.  Sports bras always get more of a pass, though…

Cheryl at Invest in Your Chest gives an excellent review in a smaller band size (with photos).  If I come across further issues, I’ll post on those…