Sporting with proper armor

I was out this weekend camping, thus unable to post every day.  While camping, I run and fall down a lot, thanks to some improv theater my friends and I do.  However, it was the first time in many months I’d done that- my regular exercise is stationary biking, so I haven’t really needed a sport bra (at least I thought), since my torso doesn’t move.

I recently (less than two weeks ago!) got a Freya Active Underwire sports bra.  Due to a fitting at Intimacy, I  knew the band came up a bit tight, and I thus took the 34F instead of 32FF, which felt supportive without being as restrictive as some of my underwear.  The cup was slightly roomy but going down a size (I got fitted with the 34E and the saleslady though I was daft) doesn’t quite give enough room, depending on time of the month.  Anyway, it looks like an average bra, encapsulating the breasts so they stay in place instead of trying to squish them, a method I despise.  Retails for 60 USD (ouch!).  My preliminary reports after only a few days using it, including this weekend, are that it does a fabulous job of minimizing motion.  I showed a friend of mine how good it was by jumping up and down in it, and she was quite impressed.  The one caveat I have is that the seam is very horizontal and will show through garments.  Sports bras always get more of a pass, though…

Cheryl at Invest in Your Chest gives an excellent review in a smaller band size (with photos).  If I come across further issues, I’ll post on those…


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