Curvy Kate in the US!

Eight months ago I found out about Curvy Kate, an English lingerie brand that goes from D-K and starts at a 28 band, which is an amazing range of sizes!  However, the best source of them was via Brastop (an associated company), which charges a bunch of shipping to the US and it often takes a month to arrive.  The styles Brastop features are usually six months old, which is why we can get them on sale.

Anyway, Figleaves (based in the UK, but ships really fast) now has Curvy Kate!  Granted, they are limited now to the unpadded kind and only three styles, but hopefully we will see the padded styles soon.  It’s a start.

I have an issue with my current Curvy Kate Emily, size 32FF.  When I put the bra on, it fits great.  However, over the day the tissue migrates, and I get spillover.  Is the bra too small?  I’m ordering a cup size larger to experiment- it may just be too big and not the bra for me.  The cups are very wide and I feel I am pointed a bit out to the sides.  I hear this bra runs true to size, so it might be that I actually need a 32G normally?


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