I shan’t perk up

I generally find it easy to tell if a woman has implanted breasts when she’s wearing a bikini- their fullness is evenly distributed on the bottom and top, making a half-spherical shape.  However, gravity and the nature of breast tissue won’t do that, so like many DD+ women mine are full on the bottom only- this is called a shallow profile.  Usually the tissue is pretty soft, and this calls for a larger bottom of the cup and a narrower top.  Fitters thus recommend demi bras to me, but those are not usually very supportive- I do run for the bus, walk quickly around town, et cetera.  The lady at Intimacy gave me an exasperated look and said that my best option might be sport bras.  I guess I could wear sport bras all the time, but those generally aren’t made for a shallow profile either.

Soft tissue in my experience wants a molded cup so the tissue doesn’t migrate as easily- I own one cut-sew bra and I get quadra-breast after a few hours.  In America lots of media makes perky (and gravity-defying!) breasts seem the ideal, but without a bra, gravity wins.  Anyway, I’m looking for more bras that could fit my profile- the Fantasie 4510 has too much space at the top for me to fill, unfortunately.  The Cleo Jude just looked odd when I tried it on in store- cups extremely separate and I had to go up two sizes so that the cup didn’t cut into the top of my breasts.

I tried on the Chantelle Rive Gauche 3086 at Intimacy, and it’s one of the few demi bras that I’ve liked, but I can’t find it in malls in my size, and I’m not sure what size to go to.  Nordstrom only carries it up to F (E English size), however.  The most famous molded bra in America, however, is Le Mystere’s Dream Tisha.  European sizing means I’d wear a 32H, but I hear the bra is best suited for fuller breasts, as opposed to shallow profile ones.  I’ve tried them on before when I was changing the sizes- it’s supportive, but definitely feels like armor!  I should give it another try if I go to the mall at Thanksgiving, even if it runs small…


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