Lace, mesh, and show-through

I almost exclusively wear t-shirt style bras for two reasons- they give me good shape and they don’t show under clothes.  There are a good many pretty bras out there that I just can’t wear on a day-to-day basis, unless I want everyone to see cloth-lumps under my shirt.

The Lepel Fiore looks rather interesting, even if I am not really a lace girl (I like modern art, what can I say?).   However, I really do not know how ladies can claim to wear it every day.  Is every day a sweater day?  I’ve historically had this problem with other bras that have a lot of lace/detailing.  The Panache Tango Two’s leaf-pattern shows through.   Mesh bras also tend to have thick seams that are visible when I don’t want them to be.

Even padded bras have some lace or ribbon details that make them not very suitable- the big offenders include the Curvy Kate Showgirl collection and some Masquerade bras.  This is a shame for me and probably plenty of others, because they give such an amazing shape otherwise.

I could stop wearing close-fitting clothing, but it I wear something large enough that it doesn’t fit closely around the chest, it’s far too large everywhere else.  I could wear sweaters more, but although that’s find in the winter here, I don’t find New England autumns or springs ask for it.  If the ladies have advice on bras that don’t show through medium-weight cotton blouses I’d be happy to take it!


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