Out with the old? Inventorying…

I really need to retire my 34F bras, but they have seen only one year’s use.  I am trying to think of creative things to do with them, but at worst, I’ll donate.  My 2 32FF bras (just a tad small) could use a new home, and they are gently used.  I’ll see if anyone wants them on Bratabase.

My lineup as it stands:

  • 32G Curvy Kate Emily in Flame
  • 32G Panache Porcelain in Nude x 2
  • 34F Freya Underwired Sports Bra

I’m retiring the following or giving them a new home:

  • 34F Freya Deco in Pomegranate, Black, and Nude
  • 32FF Curvy Kate Emily in Flame
  • 32FF Freya Deco in Pistachio

I have the following being shipped to me:

  • 32H Curvy Kate Tempt Me
  • 32G Freya Taylor
  • 32G Masquerade Rhea

I’ll probably add a nude or black Deco in 32G to there, too.  We will see how the bigger Tempt Me and Rhea work out- at the smaller size I didn’t fill the bottom of the Tempt Me and overfilled the top, which is not a common experience for me!  We’ll see how it works out with extended wear…

Fantastically full?

I ordered the Fantasie Ava in a 34F from Brastop because of the lovely dark red color and the smooth profile. Here’s my lowdown.

Construction: No complaints here, no seams.

Sizing: The 34 band felt pretty true to size: but I think it would have stretched out, so a 32 might have been better.  I also felt the cups were pretty generous, since a 34F had room for everything, but I usually wear a 32G the past two months.  Go figure.

Shape: This bra creates a lovely smooth shape.  However, not all of it is mine.  That’s actually the reason I returned the bra- I filled the bottom just fine, but I couldn’t fill the top (there was air in there or something).  Fantasie tends to make bras that, in my experience, do not work well for women who have shallow profiles.  The three Fs are at work here- full, firm, or fake.  Media has taught me that the first two are desirable.  Sigh. I’d hoped for more options in the t-shirt section for the sake of variety, but this one just isn’t for me.


Thrilled by all but the ruffles

I received an order from Brastop.com of the Curvy Kate Thrill Me bra in white with black accents, and had to send it back, but there’s a lot good about it.

Materials- The foam lining seems durable, although you can see some seaming on the inside.  No problem, only one looking at the inside of them is me.  The ratio of fabrics in the band made it amazingly stretchy- I ordered a band size down and it was still easy to close.

Fit- I have heard the white version runs large in the cup and band.  I usually wear a 32G, and followed the advice I get on Curvy Kate’s molded bras- band size down, cup size up.  The band was still a generous fit, and the cup was pretty generous too- I may have been able to go down a cup, sometimes it is difficult to tell with half-cup bras.  In either case, it gave me lovely uplifted round shape.

Looks and practicality- The satin looked lovely, and the colorway rich, but the ruffles looked silly on me (I’d been apprehensive but thought I would give it a shot).  Moderate cleavage for me, thanks to the lift.  However, I generally wear close-fitting tops and the ruffles showed bumps under pretty much all of them.  I’d prefer to minimize my sweater-sets and go for all-around wearability, and with my amount of bras I already have (3 Decos, 2 Porcelains, a sports bra, and a Curvy Kate Emily) and budget I sent it back.

Briefs- The briefs run small.  I wear a US8-10 for pants, having little on the rear, but size 12 in the shorts was too small.  Go up a size if you can to start.

Verdict- This bra is not for most ladies in summer.  If you often wear sweaters or thick tops, however, it will give you an amazing shape and look fun as well!