Fantastically full?

I ordered the Fantasie Ava in a 34F from Brastop because of the lovely dark red color and the smooth profile. Here’s my lowdown.

Construction: No complaints here, no seams.

Sizing: The 34 band felt pretty true to size: but I think it would have stretched out, so a 32 might have been better.  I also felt the cups were pretty generous, since a 34F had room for everything, but I usually wear a 32G the past two months.  Go figure.

Shape: This bra creates a lovely smooth shape.  However, not all of it is mine.  That’s actually the reason I returned the bra- I filled the bottom just fine, but I couldn’t fill the top (there was air in there or something).  Fantasie tends to make bras that, in my experience, do not work well for women who have shallow profiles.  The three Fs are at work here- full, firm, or fake.  Media has taught me that the first two are desirable.  Sigh. I’d hoped for more options in the t-shirt section for the sake of variety, but this one just isn’t for me.



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