Out with the old? Inventorying…

I really need to retire my 34F bras, but they have seen only one year’s use.  I am trying to think of creative things to do with them, but at worst, I’ll donate.  My 2 32FF bras (just a tad small) could use a new home, and they are gently used.  I’ll see if anyone wants them on Bratabase.

My lineup as it stands:

  • 32G Curvy Kate Emily in Flame
  • 32G Panache Porcelain in Nude x 2
  • 34F Freya Underwired Sports Bra

I’m retiring the following or giving them a new home:

  • 34F Freya Deco in Pomegranate, Black, and Nude
  • 32FF Curvy Kate Emily in Flame
  • 32FF Freya Deco in Pistachio

I have the following being shipped to me:

  • 32H Curvy Kate Tempt Me
  • 32G Freya Taylor
  • 32G Masquerade Rhea

I’ll probably add a nude or black Deco in 32G to there, too.  We will see how the bigger Tempt Me and Rhea work out- at the smaller size I didn’t fill the bottom of the Tempt Me and overfilled the top, which is not a common experience for me!  We’ll see how it works out with extended wear…


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