Freya Taylor (Deco)

As Georgina mentioned, the Freya Taylor has stiffer cups than the Freya Deco, but with the same cut.  The Deco apparently runs generously, but I ordered my ‘standard’ size in the Taylor (32G), and I’m glad I did, as some of the ‘fashion’ colors of the Deco have been too small when I wore a 32FF.

I should mention that the stiffness of the cups leaves me needing to break in the bra- it’s going through this phase where the fabric creases at the bottom of the cup because although I have soft and bottom-heavy breast tissue, the weight doesn’t quite push it out enough.  I’m hopeful, though, that after some washing the problem will be lessened.

Like many others, I’m a die-hard Deco fan- the cut lifts everything up and supports it like gangbusters.  A 32 band starts tight, but I know the fabric is wont to stretch out.  As for the design, it’s very classy- the bronze on black and the stripes feel all sophisticated!


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