Figleaves has me served

I ordered a lovely Masquerade Rhea bra, but the band was too tight at a 32.  Panache is known to run a bit tight, and I thought, I generally like a tight band, it will stretch.  I was unprepared- although this bra gave a smashing shape, the band was indeed too tight.  I could close it, put two fingers in it, but I couldn’t take a deep breath without it causing pain.  And that, ladies and gentlemen, meant I needed to exchange it.

I’m a strong advocate for a tight band, but phew!  Breaking a bra in is necessary (as I’m doing with the Deco), but I need to breathe in the meantime, and probably not make the hooks as crooked as they got after a several hour trial period (with tags still on).  So I called Figleaves Customer Service, because the sister size (34FF) was ‘low on stock.’  Well, I was greeted by a nice English lady (why we Americans think these accents are delightful, I’m not sure) who told me it was not an all-purpose bra.  I agree, it isn’t a t-shirt bra, but being able to take a deep breath without worry of popping something would be useful.  She said she’d ship the sister size immediately at the sale price I got, charging my card now, and when they received my return they would credit me the amount.  I am lucky that I can do this.

I’ve had good luck with Figleaves customer service before.  May they so continue!  They even have an American shipping address!  Now I just need to buy something to return the Rhea in that’s not a shoebox…or shall it be one?  I’m reluctant to send it in an unpadded envelope.


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