Panache Porcelain Review

Here’s my Bratabase review:

This bra is highly modest- molded and covers quite a bit solidly. The nude color is lighter than my skin tone, but it’s still better than white under thin tops. This makes a great t-shirt bra, it does disappear under clothes if it fits you. No cleavage, just a smooth transition. Doesn’t really lift the front much, but does round everything out. If you want a more ‘natural’ shape I’d steer clear.

As for the fit, it works excellently on my bottom-heavy and separate breasts. The straps are quite far apart so you may want to fasten them tight- I have 44″ shoulders and the straps were slipping off quite a bit before I tightened them up! Furthermore, the underwires are long and go around further and up to your armpits, which could be a problem if you are rather petite or have narrow breasts.

The band is looser than other Panache bras I’ve tried- a 32FF in the Freya Deco (Pistachio) was way too tight, but the 32G here is comfortably tight! If you are between cup sizes go up one, as this model is known to run small in the cup.

Many photos of this bra show some cleavage, which you won’t get if you are shallow profiled:

Other comments:

As mentioned earlier, doesn’t really lift much.  The band is not continuous, so it could probably be more supportive.  Unfortunately, this bra only goes from D-G.  The Plunge version, which I haven’t tried, goes up to an H, but I don’t know how that fits.  I’m definitely curious, though! I wear this bra as an everyday bra, since it’s comfortable and doesn’t show through my tight-fitting tank tops (I have two in nude, which is lighter than my skin, and have ordered one in black).  Not sure how this bra would work with a full-on-top shape.


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