Masquerade Rhea

This is my first Masquerade bra- I’ve been pretty gaga about their designs (lots of pretty molded cups) for a good while, but didn’t want to break the bank until I felt like treating myself when Figleaves had a sale.


Wow, the band is tight!  Order up a band size and down a cup size!  A 32, which is my regular band size, fit, but I could not take a deep breath without it hurting.  This band hasn’t stretched after several months yet.  At first I wasn’t sure if the cups fit properly (the top is pretty open), but after doing the scoop-and-set the lift was pretty divine, with a beautiful round shape (I attribute this to the vertical seams).  I have some migrated breast tissue (to the sides), so I needed to adjust that every so often.

The straps felt on the loose end, but there wasn’t much stretch to them, if that makes any sense- I had the bra adjusted to almost the shortest strap length.  They are also pretty far apart, so if your shoulders are narrow, be advised.  The center gore on this bra comes up high, so it can be problematic for some sternums and won’t work with deep v-neck tops.  Additionally, it’s wide (like most Panache bras), so if you have close-set breasts it won’t work as well.

The shorts run from 8-18 and are a bit on the large side, and the bra runs 28-36 D-H, 38 D-GG.



The design is comparable to the Curvy Kate Tease Me- a more horizontal cut at the top with some ribbon/embroidery that shows through some tops.  I find the Tease Me a bit more showgirl/flirty and the Rhea a bit more sophisticated, but the Tease Me is a lot nicer on one’s wallet, especially at Brastop.  The Rhea currently comes in Black and Antique, which are mostly one color, but my set was in mulberry/slate, a lovely contrast colorway.  There are also sets on eBay in cream/pink.  If they come out with more contrasting colorways I will snap those up- the detail work is superb and the fabric looks amazing (cotton lined on the inside).


This isn’t a t-shirt bra, and after about eight hours it gets a bit uncomfortable.  That said, it’s my favorite when I’m not wearing a t-shirt- it makes me feel very glamorous.  Up goes my front!  May not be for you if you have close-set or narrow breasts, or have had wires dig into your sternum.  I recommend converting to a bigger band, as noted earlier.


6 thoughts on “Masquerade Rhea

  1. I would suggest getting a bra spacer. I know you know if you take care of your bra then it can last up to 3 years. Your Masquerade Rhea could last you a bit longer than that.

    I can under stand if you don’t want to show yourself to everyone online. But you could add a pic of the bra. Even it’s just a pic from a web site.

  2. Good point re:visuals. I shall scour for images.

    As for the band, I did exchange the 32 for a 34, so I’m fine now and don’t need a spacer in back- the band is still plenty tight. Thank you for the advice, and taking the time to comment!

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