Between band sizes? Looking for stability.

My underbust measurement is between 30.5  and 31 inches depending on how tightly I do the tape up.  I’ve lost a kilo or so in the past three months, and my three Panache Porcelain bras are now all going on the tightest hook after two hours (bra stretches during the day), and they are about a half year old.  The newer black Deco (32)  is stretching out pretty fast, so I’m not sure how long it will last with my current measurements.  I guess I could try putting on a few pounds, but there’s no guarantee they would go to the underbust.  My 32 Curvy Kate is also stretching out a bunch after less frequent wear over five months.

Anyway, time to go shopping again!  I’m still not sure I could size down to a 32 in the Rhea, but it seems a bit late since I can no longer find a mulberry one in 32G online.  I’ve ordered a Deco in 30GG to test that, but I will probably need to buy an extender for the first few weeks.  In the past year I’ve learned a lot- I’ve found Freya bands are a bit looser than Panache, and my shape isn’t quite round enough for many Freyas/Fantasies, nor wide and shallow enough for most Curvy Kates.    I can fit into a non-molded bra, but greatly prefer shapes generally given by them.

To review: Panache Geneva bikini, Curvy Kate Emily, Freya Deco in several sizes once I get the 30, Curvy Kate Tempt Me, Freya Mystere bikini set once I actually wear it.

To finally get my hands on: Masquerade Delphi, Affinitas Charlotte and Jeanie.  I know the Charlotte comes up tight and small, but would a 34G be too loose?

What bands have you found to be most stable?  I hear good things about Ewa Michalak but am leery of the sizing/return issues.  On the other hand, I just moved and rent is several hundred dollars lower a month…but I need to pay off moving costs!

Panache Cleo Ariana

I caught this one on sale on Figleaves, but have to send it back, sadly. Bands in Panache/Cleo can run tight, so I thought I’d give it a shot- it was 34FF as opposed to my ‘standard’ 32G.

Design and Looks-

I like myself molded cups and vertical seams, as they tend to give me a lifted and round shape, which this did.  The color is a dark pink with fun rainbowish zigzags.  I’m not usually a pink person, but with some black and yellow I thought it a rather jazzy number.  Straps are fully adjustable (yay!) and have complementary zigzag texture (an interesting design detail).


The 34 band felt fine for a new bra, but it was extremely stretchy and thus would probably wear out quickly for me, so I’d need a 32. The real issue is the cup, which was definitely a size too big (space gap in the top) even after various scoops-and-sets. I would say the cup runs large and the band more true to size.  The fabric was comfortable and non-scratchy.

Additional photos are in the Bratabase. If I found this in a 32FF (figleaves is sold out at that price), I’d give it a try again because it’s a fun and comfy bra.

Freya Deco and fashion colors

The Freya Deco is one of my favorite bras, and thankfully for us all, it comes in many many fashion colors.  I assume they called fashion colors because some colors are ‘in’ during certain years/seasons?  Currently I see Charcoal, Lupin, Ocean, and Red.  I own a Pomegranate one from before I lost weight, so it fails to fit (34F, perhaps I should attempt bra surgery?), as well as a Pistachio one that’s 32FF.  Admittedly, I like this ‘fashion color’ policy because when said colors are going out of fashion, they’re often on sale.  60USD is not chump change.

However, there’s something odd with different colors, and that’s sizing.  My Pistachio 32FF has a band that is way too tight.  I can fasten it, but after four hours it’s brutal.  By contrast, I have a 32G in black and the band is quite loose.  The pistachio bra’s band is 67.5cm, and stretches to 86.  The black one is 73cm and stretches to 89.  I bought the black one off eBay supposedly new, but I assume it was from a store and tried on a bunch.  The kicker is that by now the pistachio one isn’t new, I’ve owned and worn it for a few months.  Interestingly, the Taylor, which I also have in 32G has the same cut (comes up smaller in the cup) has a band that starts at 71cm and stretches to 85.  My ribcage measurement is is around 79.  So the green model, or at least this one unless it was somehow misfiled, has a much tighter band.

Why do fashion colors size differently than the continuity ones?  I don’t understand fashion…I guess if I can find Decos in color during the season I can try them on at Nordstrom and figure out which ones will work?  Unfortunately Bratabase doesn’t yet file by color, although lovely people do note it in their reviews.  What are your experiences?