Panache Cleo Ariana

I caught this one on sale on Figleaves, but have to send it back, sadly. Bands in Panache/Cleo can run tight, so I thought I’d give it a shot- it was 34FF as opposed to my ‘standard’ 32G.

Design and Looks-

I like myself molded cups and vertical seams, as they tend to give me a lifted and round shape, which this did.  The color is a dark pink with fun rainbowish zigzags.  I’m not usually a pink person, but with some black and yellow I thought it a rather jazzy number.  Straps are fully adjustable (yay!) and have complementary zigzag texture (an interesting design detail).


The 34 band felt fine for a new bra, but it was extremely stretchy and thus would probably wear out quickly for me, so I’d need a 32. The real issue is the cup, which was definitely a size too big (space gap in the top) even after various scoops-and-sets. I would say the cup runs large and the band more true to size.  The fabric was comfortable and non-scratchy.

Additional photos are in the Bratabase. If I found this in a 32FF (figleaves is sold out at that price), I’d give it a try again because it’s a fun and comfy bra.


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