Downsizing with Deco

After a bit of weight loss and a note that my decos are stretching out fast, I ordered a 30gg ‘red’ Deco off eBay.  The red color is not a true red, it’s pretty close to the Pomegranate color that ran as a fashion color a few years ago.  Polka-dotted bows with white set it off.

Many, many fine ladies have reviewed the Freya Deco, but another take doesn’t hurt.

Band: The bra has a very very stretchy band. If you are between band sizes, go down one and up a cup size, although if you’re borderline you may not need to go up a cup size.  The black color tends to run larger in my experience. I have owned Decos in four band sizes (changing weights over the years), and they all stretched out very quickly within a month or so, with the exception of a 32FF in Pistachio (fashion color, no longer available). The front part of the band is continuous and curved, and edged in odd scallop detail (see straps).

Straps: Pretty ugly- wide slightly scratchy-looking elastic with detailing on the side looks as if it were supposed to be scallop-inspired. I’m not sure why this is, but the straps are fully adjustable, which means I’ll take pretty much any weird detailing they will throw at me.

Cups: It’s cut so that women like me who are full on the bottom and sides are accommodated, perhaps due to the way the plunge is constructed? The wires come up high on the side, which is great for trying to reverse migrated breast tissue. There’s also a decent amount of space between the cups and it pushes my separate breasts a little closer together, so it might be a bit much for ladies who have very close-set breasts. The shape is stupendous for me, as everything was held pretty much straight up.  The mold gives nipple modesty and shapes well.

Deco on model

Freya and Fantasie bras do not tend to fit me well because they size for a rounder or fuller at the middle breast.  I usually cannot fill the point of the cup and there is space or it wrinkles, and then the bra cuts into my breast tissue at the top if I size down. The Deco is an exception- probably my favorite bra that I’ve ever found. I’ve found I can get a fold at the bottom of the cups during the beginning of the bra’s life when the fabric is pretty stiff.  I’m told this is because my breasts are set high and I have a shallow profile (full on bottom), so I don’t always fill the bottom of the cups (think orange in a glass).  Q Lyla gives an excellent tutorial on how to avoid this- a tight band and pulling up the bra!

I’ve also ordered a 30gg in the black color since downsizing from a 32G worked just fine if a bit tight to start, and the fit is pretty close to the red so far. I’ll keep you posted if one stretches faster than the other!


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