Panache Geneva Plunge review

I bought the Panache Geneva Plunge a year ago- it’s now discontinued and there’s a similar swimsuit available called the Anna, which looks exactly the same to my untrained eye, but the fit may well be different. It’s a basic black with little silver circular Panache charm on it. I’m not a big fan of ‘signature’ swimsuits and underwear, but at least the writing on the metal bits is small.

Sizing and fit:
The swim top runs small. Since I sized differently (and perhaps a bit wrongly) last year I have this in a 36FF (32G is my starting Panache size). Now the band is too loose on me and I can go swimming in the lake or pool with this (as I did recently in Cape Cod), but I am not sure how secure it would be against strong waves at the beach. It definitely plunges- I feel quite on display! The underwires were the correct width for me. The padding is pretty thick, unlike most bra-sized swimsuits, so it takes a while to dry.
As for the bottoms, I got the Classic Pant in a size 12 and it seems a bit roomy. I am not sure if going down a size would be a good idea, though. Rear coverage is great, and the bikini line is closer to boyshort.

Basically this is a no-frills yet show-off bikini that runs a cup size small in the top. If the Anna (its successor) gets deeply discounted I’ll be sorely tempted.


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