Masquerade Delphi review

I’ve been rather taken with the dark gray/raspberry coloration of the Masquerade Delphi from a year ago, and finally bought one on eBay in my size.

The bra is padded, and there’s one vertical seam in the middle. This pushes the breasts into it, and thus gives a forward and projecting shape, moreso than anything else I have tried. The band is continuous, offering good support despite having a thin band with only two hooks. Straps are halfway adjustable in the back. In the front they are much wider and a soft satin, though I don’t think I’d call them padded.

Panache decided to overlay some satin with similarly colored patterned mesh. The pattern is black and reminds me of Italian vine artwork, very subtle. There’s  a dark purple contrast in the embroidery which adds a shot of color. The gore has a jeweled center, adding to the feel of this as upscale boudoir bra. Not bad for $45 after season, when they just come out they are over $80. The top of the lace/mesh and the seam can show through tops.

The band is on the tight side and the cups are open at the top. I’m shallow profiled, so I don’t easily get Marie Antoinette cleavage, but this bra does a heck of a good job. Some days there is a little gap at the top, but if I attempt to put all my migrated tissue into the bra it’s an excellent fit. If you’re between sizes, order up a band. The straps adjust short enough for me (often a concern) and the satin is comfortable, although wide.
I found the brief coordinates to either run large or have a loose rear. Perhaps the style, but it tends towards wedgies on my lack of bottom.

This is femme fatale lingerie. Where’s my Mercedes? Any shirt I can wear it under I most likely will!

Curvy Kate Emily, nine months later

I’m now going through and adding commentary on bras I’ve reviewed before (in between posting reviews of newer bras, I’ve been on vacation!). When we review a bra, it’s usually new or after we’ve had it for a bit, and I thought I should go and review how my bras have stood the test of wears and washes.

The Curvy Kate Emily was my first mesh bra, and I got it from Brastop at a very nice price (fifteen pounds sterling which came out to $24 at the time), but I ordered the wrong size, which I realized after two wears. When I’d put on the bra initially, I would adjust myself according to scoop-and-set instructions, and I’d be fully contained. Two hours later, though, I’d get two kinds of quad-boob- the bulging out of the top that I think most of us have experienced at least once, and the seam of the cup cutting into my breasts. I ordered a cup size up from eBay for about $35, in 32G, and solved the first issue.

As it aged: The band stretched out pretty fast and didn’t really bounce back. However, since I didn’t wear it that often due to the reasons above I think I’ve some more months of use out of it.

What I’ve liked: The color is orangey red with orange and dark pink details, fun and bright! The band is continuous around the front so feels pretty stable. Furthermore, the construction of the seam, across the cup and up to the strap gives support. Does not show up under clothes as much as I feared.

What I’ve disliked: I still run into the problem where my breast tissue is soft enough that the seam across the bra cuts into it. Although the bra is supportive, I’m not a fan of the shape it gives me- my breasts point at four and eight o’clock (how’s that for a visual!). The cups are wide and shallow, so sometimes it looks like the root of my breasts is very wide and they look quite separated.

Repurchasing: This colorway isn’t made anymore, so that pro is unfortunately out. I doubt I’ll buy another seamed bra in the near future, since I haven’t found a shape I like yet. Curvy Kate underwires are wider and shallower than my breasts are, so it may not be the best brand for me.

Parfait by Affinitas Charlotte

I get almost all of my bras from English companies, and am delighted to hear that some American companies are making larger-cupped bras. Affinitas Intimates’ Parfait line has received rave reviews from many other bloggers, so I thought I’d give them a try because their prices are much nicer (importation and currency exchange probably contribute to this), and I’ve been eyeing some of their structured bras. I ordered the Charlotte and Jeanie from HerRoom.

Construction: The Charlotte is a foam three-part cup with side support. Advertised as ‘light foam padding’, I find I disagree- this is one of the heaviest bras I have tried in my size, as the padding is thicker than the Freya Deco, Panache Porcelain, or any Masquerade bra I’ve tried. The sides of the cups have satin fabric over them, functioning as side supports. Additionally, there’s a bit of vertical boning on the wings of the bra. The straps are almost fully adjustable, except for an inch right above the cup covered in satin. It’s a lot of bra, even if it doesn’t give much coverage!

Looks: I’m not a retro person or into the ‘pinup’ aesthetic for myself, but the piping appeals to me geometrically. The red color is actually a deeper red than in pictures, and it contrasts well with the black details. It’s low cut and gives a round, uplifted shape, perhaps due to the side supports helping keep tissue in the cups.

Sizing and fit: Available from 30-40 bands for D-G cups, but HerRoom advised going up a band and a cup size. Sadly, this bra doesn’t come any larger than a G so I only I went up a band size. The band is still tight at 34, but the cups are just a bit too small- there’s a tiny bit of overspill. Furthermore, the side support boning digs in after a few hours, and it feels like the top and bottom elastic of the band are markedly tighter than the rest of it. Unfortunately, I’ll be reselling this.

Matching briefs: Run a bit small, so a large fit me fine except similar issues with the elastic digging in more than the fabric.

Conclusion: A beautiful bra that gives an amazing shape, but runs small in band and cup. If you have migrated breast tissue on your sides, check for how the side support boning and elastic fit.