Masquerade Delphi review

I’ve been rather taken with the dark gray/raspberry coloration of the Masquerade Delphi from a year ago, and finally bought one on eBay in my size.

The bra is padded, and there’s one vertical seam in the middle. This pushes the breasts into it, and thus gives a forward and projecting shape, moreso than anything else I have tried. The band is continuous, offering good support despite having a thin band with only two hooks. Straps are halfway adjustable in the back. In the front they are much wider and a soft satin, though I don’t think I’d call them padded.

Panache decided to overlay some satin with similarly colored patterned mesh. The pattern is black and reminds me of Italian vine artwork, very subtle. There’s  a dark purple contrast in the embroidery which adds a shot of color. The gore has a jeweled center, adding to the feel of this as upscale boudoir bra. Not bad for $45 after season, when they just come out they are over $80. The top of the lace/mesh and the seam can show through tops.

The band is on the tight side and the cups are open at the top. I’m shallow profiled, so I don’t easily get Marie Antoinette cleavage, but this bra does a heck of a good job. Some days there is a little gap at the top, but if I attempt to put all my migrated tissue into the bra it’s an excellent fit. If you’re between sizes, order up a band. The straps adjust short enough for me (often a concern) and the satin is comfortable, although wide.
I found the brief coordinates to either run large or have a loose rear. Perhaps the style, but it tends towards wedgies on my lack of bottom.

This is femme fatale lingerie. Where’s my Mercedes? Any shirt I can wear it under I most likely will!


3 thoughts on “Masquerade Delphi review

  1. I have a serious case of bra envy right now. I want that bra so badly!! I’d take any color right now, but I’m jealous of the color combination that you were able to find.
    For the bottoms, would you say that they are made more for someone with less hips and more butt? I often have problems with the matching bottoms because I’m more hips and less butt.

    • I think you’re correct! I had not thought of briefs that way before. Perhaps the thong would fit better.

      You’ve also brought another thought to mind- why are many size charts for briefs done by waist size? My underwear is several inches away from my waist!

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