Parfait by Affinitas Jeanie

Affinitas Intimates is an American company boasting the D-G Parfait line. I love their designs and enjoy supporting American businesses without the price conversion, but they seem to run just a bit too small for my size range. Here’s my experience with Jeanie:

Jeanie compares to the Freya Deco as a seamless molded plunge bra. However, the curve across the top line of the bra seems steeper. There’s also side boning in this model for side support. The fabric is more cottony than that of Deco.

Runs true to size in band, and perhaps a bit small or true to size in cup, Shapewise, they do fit a bit differently, as well. I get quad-boob towards the middle  in Jeanie and the cup is pretty tall, so I can’t quite fill it and have some empty space up near the strap. My tissue is rather soft, so that contributes to the spillage. I am sure if the black version is tighter than the nude version. Additionally, the side boning can get irritating after a while and probably needs to be ‘broken in.’ At this point, not a replacement for the Deco, more’s the pity- I’d size up in the cup but have hit the end of the size range.

Plain, simple, basic, and goes with my three black tank tops and under any t-shirt. There’s a little heart charm at the bow which is a bit much for me. The shape under clothes is round and smooth.

I’d pick the Deco over Jeanie for bottom-heavy breasts, but I love the price of the Jeanie.  I’ve listed the bra on Bratabase (32G, worn twice, hand washed once).


Masquerade Tiffany and Capella

Bare Necessities had an end of season sale, and I picked up the Panache Masquerade/Harlequin Tiffany and Capella. I returned both of them, but here are my thoughts:


This is a molded and seamless bra (my favorite kind) with a continuous firm satin band across front, but switches fabric at the wings to something more elastic. I found the band was about average for a 32, and felt decently supported. However, the cup gaped a great deal at the top- a G was simply too big and I didn’t fill it in on top, although it was fine on the sides. If you’re shallow profiled and find this bra, I recommend trying a size down. BN didn’t have a cup size down, so I didn’t exchange it.

I commend Panache for trying something innovative- lace print! I don’t really love lace, but I found the use here interesting and unique. Despite the seamless cup, I found three darts in the cup fabric in front. Pretty smart!


Tiffany is a plunge bra with very little coverage and a wide center gore, which can make it a puzzling fit. The inside is lined with cotton which makes the cup extra comfy. Each cup has one vertical seam. However, I didn’t feel supported in a 32G because the band ran quite loose- I could do up the back easily on the tightest hook. When I did that it looked pretty good, but it wouldn’t last, as I felt unsupported. Since I have soft tissue I wonder if I’d fall into the middle after a few hours, although the bra provided good lift for my separate breasts. This is a tricky shape, I think, and the bra isn’t made in 30GG so I simply returned it.

The black satin has a lovely sheen all over the bra, around to the back of the band, and the hooks are a contrasting metal color. A big gauzy bow adorns the gore, which I’d remove as it seems less sophisticated than the rest of the bra. One front seam is a cup seam, but there are two additional satin seams on the front that aren’t part of the construction, which I think looks retro.


Both of these bras are non-scratchy and glamorous but tricky in terms of fit.

Thirty and change, with a bit of reflection

I’ve changed the formal title of the blog to Faustine’s Foundations to make it more subject-relevant and not just my handle. I kept the URL and username for link permanence.

I realize my ‘About’ page says I’m thirtyish, but I only turned thirty a few weeks ago. I’ve been calling myself thirty for a while now, because it’s easier to round up (in my workplace, a university, older gets a person more respect). I seem to blog twice a month, more often when I’m not caught up in Other Life Matters because I have too many hobbies.

I have watched the blogosphere for the full bust grow amazingly since I started this blog eleven months ago. Many amazing ladies all over the world have contributed data and I’ve learned a great deal from them. A big thank-you goes to all of them.

I haven’t written much on body image or fitness because I was interested in the science of bras as foundation garments and how they fit. However, I’ve been interested to read blog posts about it. Should I expand the purpose of this blog? Would my stories be of interest to others? Gym adventures and the like? Would it provide useful data to the community?


Freya Mystere

I ordered the Freya Mystere bikini on clearance from Large Cup Lingerie because several of my favorite visual features are bright colors and paisley. As you can see, it does that quite admirably- pink, orange, white, and brown. I’ve worn it to the beach a few times and the band stretched out pretty fast.

This bikini is unpadded and apparently a plunge style- it has a vertical seam in the cup. Continuous band gives support, and straps are fully adjustable. The bottom short (not tie-side) gives good side and rear coverage.

My friends all say this is ‘cute’ and very me because of the loud colors and swirls- it’s a bit candy colors and a bit psychedelic, about as girly as I get. I like the coverage and the buckles are snazzy. I get a decently round shape from the cups. I thought the print was fun and dramatic enough to order the dress with the same print from ASOS, which is loud and busy.

I have the same problem here that I do with most Freya bras, that I don’t fill out the apex of the cup, but sizing down would cut into the tops of my breasts. Perhaps I am not round at the tips or something? Other than that, it stretched in water and ran a bit large. I think a 30GG would have worked a bit better. I got a bikini bottom in medium and it seemed on the large size as well.

Fun colors, print, and holds up to the ocean, but I despair of Freya seamed cups. My next swimsuit may likely be Panache, although Freya comes out with some eyecatching designs. Ordering from Large Cup Lingerie was quick and painless, and international shipping was free and super fast- I’m definitely going to be a repeat customer there.