Freya Mystere

I ordered the Freya Mystere bikini on clearance from Large Cup Lingerie because several of my favorite visual features are bright colors and paisley. As you can see, it does that quite admirably- pink, orange, white, and brown. I’ve worn it to the beach a few times and the band stretched out pretty fast.

This bikini is unpadded and apparently a plunge style- it has a vertical seam in the cup. Continuous band gives support, and straps are fully adjustable. The bottom short (not tie-side) gives good side and rear coverage.

My friends all say this is ‘cute’ and very me because of the loud colors and swirls- it’s a bit candy colors and a bit psychedelic, about as girly as I get. I like the coverage and the buckles are snazzy. I get a decently round shape from the cups. I thought the print was fun and dramatic enough to order the dress with the same print from ASOS, which is loud and busy.

I have the same problem here that I do with most Freya bras, that I don’t fill out the apex of the cup, but sizing down would cut into the tops of my breasts. Perhaps I am not round at the tips or something? Other than that, it stretched in water and ran a bit large. I think a 30GG would have worked a bit better. I got a bikini bottom in medium and it seemed on the large size as well.

Fun colors, print, and holds up to the ocean, but I despair of Freya seamed cups. My next swimsuit may likely be Panache, although Freya comes out with some eyecatching designs. Ordering from Large Cup Lingerie was quick and painless, and international shipping was free and super fast- I’m definitely going to be a repeat customer there.


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