Thirty and change, with a bit of reflection

I’ve changed the formal title of the blog to Faustine’s Foundations to make it more subject-relevant and not just my handle. I kept the URL and username for link permanence.

I realize my ‘About’ page says I’m thirtyish, but I only turned thirty a few weeks ago. I’ve been calling myself thirty for a while now, because it’s easier to round up (in my workplace, a university, older gets a person more respect). I seem to blog twice a month, more often when I’m not caught up in Other Life Matters because I have too many hobbies.

I have watched the blogosphere for the full bust grow amazingly since I started this blog eleven months ago. Many amazing ladies all over the world have contributed data and I’ve learned a great deal from them. A big thank-you goes to all of them.

I haven’t written much on body image or fitness because I was interested in the science of bras as foundation garments and how they fit. However, I’ve been interested to read blog posts about it. Should I expand the purpose of this blog? Would my stories be of interest to others? Gym adventures and the like? Would it provide useful data to the community?



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