Masquerade Tiffany and Capella

Bare Necessities had an end of season sale, and I picked up the Panache Masquerade/Harlequin Tiffany and Capella. I returned both of them, but here are my thoughts:


This is a molded and seamless bra (my favorite kind) with a continuous firm satin band across front, but switches fabric at the wings to something more elastic. I found the band was about average for a 32, and felt decently supported. However, the cup gaped a great deal at the top- a G was simply too big and I didn’t fill it in on top, although it was fine on the sides. If you’re shallow profiled and find this bra, I recommend trying a size down. BN didn’t have a cup size down, so I didn’t exchange it.

I commend Panache for trying something innovative- lace print! I don’t really love lace, but I found the use here interesting and unique. Despite the seamless cup, I found three darts in the cup fabric in front. Pretty smart!


Tiffany is a plunge bra with very little coverage and a wide center gore, which can make it a puzzling fit. The inside is lined with cotton which makes the cup extra comfy. Each cup has one vertical seam. However, I didn’t feel supported in a 32G because the band ran quite loose- I could do up the back easily on the tightest hook. When I did that it looked pretty good, but it wouldn’t last, as I felt unsupported. Since I have soft tissue I wonder if I’d fall into the middle after a few hours, although the bra provided good lift for my separate breasts. This is a tricky shape, I think, and the bra isn’t made in 30GG so I simply returned it.

The black satin has a lovely sheen all over the bra, around to the back of the band, and the hooks are a contrasting metal color. A big gauzy bow adorns the gore, which I’d remove as it seems less sophisticated than the rest of the bra. One front seam is a cup seam, but there are two additional satin seams on the front that aren’t part of the construction, which I think looks retro.


Both of these bras are non-scratchy and glamorous but tricky in terms of fit.


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