Parfait by Affinitas Jeanie

Affinitas Intimates is an American company boasting the D-G Parfait line. I love their designs and enjoy supporting American businesses without the price conversion, but they seem to run just a bit too small for my size range. Here’s my experience with Jeanie:

Jeanie compares to the Freya Deco as a seamless molded plunge bra. However, the curve across the top line of the bra seems steeper. There’s also side boning in this model for side support. The fabric is more cottony than that of Deco.

Runs true to size in band, and perhaps a bit small or true to size in cup, Shapewise, they do fit a bit differently, as well. I get quad-boob towards the middle  in Jeanie and the cup is pretty tall, so I can’t quite fill it and have some empty space up near the strap. My tissue is rather soft, so that contributes to the spillage. I am sure if the black version is tighter than the nude version. Additionally, the side boning can get irritating after a while and probably needs to be ‘broken in.’ At this point, not a replacement for the Deco, more’s the pity- I’d size up in the cup but have hit the end of the size range.

Plain, simple, basic, and goes with my three black tank tops and under any t-shirt. There’s a little heart charm at the bow which is a bit much for me. The shape under clothes is round and smooth.

I’d pick the Deco over Jeanie for bottom-heavy breasts, but I love the price of the Jeanie.  I’ve listed the bra on Bratabase (32G, worn twice, hand washed once).


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