Ewa Michalak models and sizing

I’ve never tried an Ewa Michalak bra, but I keep hearing rave reviews of them. Why?

  • The price plus shipping is cheaper than a full price bra from Freya or Panache, but not cheaper than a sale bra, and that’s what I tend to buy.
  • International buyers are to pay by PayPal or bank transfer. Paypal is easier, but costs an extra 6%. I need to figure out if my bank will do the transfer.
  • Return policy is ten days. Returns are also shipped to Poland, so expensive enough that one may just be better off reselling in the US.
  • Fit can be tricky. The EM size calculator gives me one size, but I’m advised to start with my UK bra size. So there’s an element of financial risk to ordering.

That said, I think it’s time to give them a try. I’ll start with a 32G and look on Bratabase to see if any of them I’m interested in run large or small in band or cup.

Here are the models I’m looking at:

CHP Stalowka– The CHP style is a compromise between lift and projection, it seems. I like the gray color, it seems almost silvery!

CH Karmelki– my skin tone is darker than any nude bra I’ve worn. The CH style is lauded for soft, shallow profile breasts, and I do have those characteristics. Plus, it’s discounted.

PL Toffik/Karmelki– I could be concerned with spillage, but some other plunge styles such as the Freya Deco work great on me, so it might be worth a shot. Again, the price is 120zl instead of 150 in black. However, the black ones have additional/convertible straps (I don’t need padding for asymmetry, there’s some but it’s not a full cup size), which could make them more attractive.

HP Nina or Kobalt– I love the colorful ribbon, but I’m not really a lace person on the Nina. The Kobalt is an interesting dark blue/gray with a pattern.

So! After figuring out sizing, the next question is how to place the order! I’m going to scour the web to check if Paypal or bank transfers work better, and if I should send email to customer service or just order via the web interface. I will wait until the fall collection is out, though: it looks too lacy for me so far but there may be some models I like there that I haven’t seen yet!

Do any of you lovely readers have advice on ordering or sizing from Ewa Michalak? Has anyone had any luck reselling EM bras? I thank you for any advice you can give.


2 thoughts on “Ewa Michalak models and sizing

  1. I’ve got my eye on the CHP Stalowka too! I think you’d love the CH Karmelki and I can definitely see it working on breasts that are softer/shallower/fuller on the bottom. Your normal UK size is a good bet for the CH Karmelki, but the band on mine did stretch out a bit, so you may want to size down once in the band (and up once in the cup) if you prefer it to be super tight.

    Paying with Paypal via the web interface has worked fine for me so far. The 6% fee is a bit annoying, but to me it’s worth it to save the hassle of trying to arrange a bank transfer. Have you seen the post on Braless in Brasil about email orders? http://www.bralessinbrasil.com/2012/07/ewa-michalak-ch-toffik-28j-poland-never.html

    As for reselling, I have some EM bras that I keep planning to sell on Ebay (along with a heap of old bras from other brands) but I keep putting it off, mainly because I don’t really know how Ebay works. Bratabase seems to have a fairly active ‘marketplace’ section, too.

    • Thank you so much for your comment! I’d read your reviews and was thinking about resizing in that bra as well.
      I’ve sold a few bras on eBay and Bratabase- I mainly do it to recoup some loss. Thanks for your input!

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