Possibly interesting bras for fall (a wish list addendum)

I currently have around seven non-sports bras and want to acquire a few more. I’ll probably make an Ewa Michalak order, and I posted a previous wish list, but here are a few more bras that caught my eye this season.

Cleo Karen

do you like stars?

I don’t like pink or lace, but I do love stars. This looks like good fun! I haven’t seen this for sale anywhere, but I adore a t-shirt bra with a continuous band. Cleo is known to give a good shape, and the wires are on average supposedly shorter than Panache’s.

Freya Deco Soft Cup

Freya have figured out that lots of women, self included, adore the Deco line. They’re starting a shapewear line for it, introducing more crazy colors and prints (which fit differently sometimes, grrr…). I’ve never worn a soft cup bra, so I’m curious as to how they can shape, and it sounds like good loungewear to me. It only comes C-G, sadly, so we will see if the band runs too loose to wear a 32G.

Fantasie Rebecca

Purple fashion!

Spacer foam is a nice light foam that molds well to body shape. I haven’t really found a spacer foam bra in my size yet. This purple looks very plum-like to me, but I haven’t seen it live. Fantasie tends to run a bit full in the cup for my shallow profile. I don’t know if spacer foam would mitigate that at all. Must try on to find out. I hear that one should size down in the cup, does anyone have corroboration for this?

Fauve Dominique

Vertical seams tend to give me a better shape. Abstract flowers = yes. I’m not sure what the second layer of fabric (the patterned one) is on black satin, but I think it’s worth a look. I’d ditch the bows, but I like how the bottom of the band is very well demarcated.

Claudette Dessous Sucre

orange orange!

I have a favorite color, and it’s neon orange. For that I’d overlook the mesh structure. However, I think I’m just barely sized out because the cups apparently run small and don’t go past a G. If Claudette ever make this bra in a 32GG I’m on it!


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