Customer Experience: Brastop

I buy almost all of my bras online (briefs are a separate story with separate engineering), because I can’t find the ones that I like in stores- my best resource is Nordstrom, but there are so many other lovely things out there! Thought I’d write up my experiences with the retailers I’ve tried.

Brastop was actually the first online retailer I’ve tried, and I don’t remember how I found them two years ago. I’d just lost a bunch of weight, dropping from a 38 to 34 band. They’re either owned by or own Curvy Kate (anybody know how that works?) and Flirtelle. I think Flirtelle is only available on Brastop and Lovebras (another site affiliated with Brastop? owned by Brastop?). They’re based in the UK, and the return address is in Harrow, which is part of London. Ergo, the shipping to the us is about 6 pounds, which is around $9.5 currently. They’ll waive the shipping fee if you spend 75 pounds, so I generally do a big order.

I’ve actually made only two orders, and they both took several weeks to arrive from the UK. I invariably returned most of the order because sizing and shape is difficult when done online. Returning the package was about 10 USD to ship back, so that’s the opportunity cost. I asked for an exchange, and it eventually arrived in the mail, although two weeks later than their 20 business day guarantee. Brastop honored that guarantee and refunded me the money when I first reported the package missing (sadly the exchange didn’t fit either, oh well!).

Selection-wise, they have a great deal of last-season’s models. There’s a ton of Freya and Curvy Kate (unsurprisingly), and a good selection of Panache, Fantasie, Fauve, and Elomi. I doff my hat, however, for their carrying Kris Line and Rosme. Rosme are a Latvian brand with some interesting designs I haven’t seen elsewhere, but their size selection is very limited in the D+ world. Kris Line are very high quality, but their larger bras are all a mesh upper panel, so they’re not a brand I’m into. Regardless, it’s hard to get those bras anywhere else with a decent return policy.

I recommend Brastop mostly for things you know fit- they have an amazing selection of fashion colors, and the prices are pretty sweet on those. It’s a great deal if you live in the UK for those. The better deal for us in the States are actually continuity things we know fit- 26 pounds for Panache Porcelain (42 USD versus 56 retail in shops here) or 30 (49 USD) for Freya Deco, which are popular ranges you can try at Nordstrom in the US. The Panache Tango is also 25 pounds for the standard shades, and sports bras are a good deal if you know your size. If you aren’t in a hurry, it’s a great option- sometimes they have sales of ‘take X amount off your order’.

I haven’t ordered for a while since I buy most of my basics on eBay, but I do always keep an eye on anything interesting popping up there!


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