Customer Experience: Figleaves

Figleaves is the giant of mail order underwear in my mind- I know if I want to see if something’s available, I check Figleaves first. Figleaves carries almost everything I can think of in the DD+ market. All of the Eveden (Fantasie, Freya, Fauve, Elomi, swim and sport styles) and Panache (Panache and Panache Swim, Panache Sport, Masquerade, Cleo) are represented here, although they may not have all the existing models of a bra. Curvy Kate, Bestform, Lepel, Wonderbra D-G (available only in England), Gossard, Charnos, Royce, Mimi Holliday, Cake, Pour Moi?, Claudette, and I’m sure I missed a few more. The main brands I’ve heard of that I can’t find on Figleaves are Miss Mandalay and Parfait by Affinitas. The latter’s a US brand so I’m not surprised I don’t see it. Figleaves also stocks its own lines, which I haven’t tried but have heard mixed-to-meh reviews about.

Figleaves charges $4.95 per shipment, sometimes with a promotion for free shipping. Sending things back is cheaper and faster than it could be because they have you ship your returns to a US depot which they collect at and send to the UK. However, this could mean spending about $10USD for a garment that doesn’t work at all. I think of it as paying for the fitting experience, which has some value, but one’s mileage may vary.

I’ve made four orders from Figleaves, and have had to return/exchange something from almost every order. This seems to be my experience with mail order. I ordered a Pour Moi? bikini that just did not suit me, the Panache Geneva which ran small, a Freya Taylor which ended up not quite fitting, a Masquerade Rhea bra which I had to exchange for a larger band size at the time, a Freya Sport bra, and the Cleo Arianna. Exchanges were pretty easy to arrange over the phone, and my returns have always been processed promptly. However, I’ve come to hate having to go to the post office and getting everything priced there. I wish I could go into stores and try things on, but the selection in Boston is rather poor, with Nordstrom and Intimacy being the only places I can find that carry even the major DD+ brands.

Interestingly, prices vary wildly on Figleaves when bras are new in- they may start at full price, or a lower but not advertised as discount price. I like just browsing around and seeing what’s around in my size. I do have some issues with the web interface in Firefox, though- the checkboxes to filter the search are not alongside the option texts! As a web developer I understand that it’s really bloody annoying to do for every browser, but it is not an insignificant usability problem.

Quibbles aside, Customer Service has always treated me well, and if you want to try something you can’t find anywhere else that’s returnable, Figleaves is a great resource!


2 thoughts on “Customer Experience: Figleaves

  1. I will NEVER order from FigLeaves again. When I ordered my Panache Sienna, I used a rewards credit card that I have. I ended up returning the first size and in the mean time bought the size that I needed on my debit card. Within three weeks, I had fraudulent charges on BOTH cards because of FigLeaves’ site. I don’t know what kind of encryption they *don’t* use, but I would not suggest ordering from their site to anyone.

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