Customer Experience: Breakout Bras

I’ve only ordered from Breakout Bras once, but did do a return, so I thought I’d share my experience.

The selection is influenced by its US location in that it carries Parfait by Affinitas bras. The big English standbys are also available: Panache (Superbra, Cleo, Masquerade), Curvy Kate, and Eveden (Fantasie, Freya, Elomi, and Goddess, but not Fauve). I will note that Masquerade is sold as ‘Harlequin’, which is a seeming re-branding for the US that Panache is trying to phase out. There isn’t everything under the sun available, but the stockists know their way around each bra. Breakout Bras offers some commentary on most bras that’s helpful, telling you to size up or size down, or if the bra works well for a certain shape.

There’s a selection for nursing, wire-free, and post-surgical bras as well. I admit I am not versed in these ways, but I like that it’s easy to find. The web interface has a tiny hitch for me- when I search by size, I usually want to check off my sizes and the ones near it to see what’s actually still available for me, but here I can only pick one size. Bra sizing is not consistent across shapes and measurements and brands, so that’s usually the tricky part in online orders for me.

I exchanged emails with their customer service for some sizing help and ordered the Panache Confetti, going down a band size and up one cup as recommended, and the Masquerade Anise, going up a band size. I decided I wasn’t wild about the color or lace on the Anise, and it was too large anyway, so I returned that.  Return shipping was to the US, so about $4. My return was processed pretty quickly.

I’m quite satisfied with Breakout Bras, although their interface isn’t the most friendly. I like that their communications with me regarding recommendations and returns were knowledgeable and honest. Free shipping is the icing on the cake. I have my eyes on the Cleo Karen and maybe the Curvy Kate Smoothie. Stars!


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