Brief notes on a Nordstrom trip

I stopped into a Nordstrom in downtown Seattle yesterday because they’re the only store I know of that reliably carries my size- I wanted to check out how the fall lines fit. The saleslady/fitter understood that I mostly wanted to deal with things myself and asked me a lot of questions but wasn’t too intrusive. She did have some suggestions that were useful- namely that Freya was running pretty loose.

Cleo Natasha

Oy. I could not fill the tops of these cups at all- I’d need far rounder breasts for it. Sizing down might help, but I didn’t like the print very much. Maybe it was mislabeled sizewise or my eyes failed me? The design seemed busy – throwing colorful lace and camo together doesn’t look bold so much as busy and mashup.

Fantasie Rebecca

I’d wanted to try this for a while, and ran into the issue that I do with most Fantasie bras- the cups are fuller on the top than I am, and the shape points a bit down. I prefer a slightly less, er, ‘relaxed’ shape. Also, the Rebecca does seem to run a cup large, as my closest fit was a 32FF. If the seam at the top of the cup weren’t so firm I’d work with it- spacer foam does mold over time, but I’m not sure I want to take the risk. Anybody have any data?

Panache Andorra Full Cup

I see now why fitters like this. It was a decent fit on me, and the stretch lace is very forgiving (great for a full coverage bra, which I generally have trouble with) and soft. The bottom reinforced panel and side slings feel supportive. However, I just do not like all that lace everywhere. True to size in cup and band for me. Basically, if someone gave one to me, I’d wear it, but I probably have way too many everyday bras for now.

Wacoal All Dressed Up

The saleslady wanted me to give this a try, so I thought ‘why not’? More stretch lace! Slings on the sides of the cup, and an extra ‘nude’ mesh layer on the bottom of the cup. I don’t know if that would work for ladies with darker skin. The stretch lace gives a very interesting look since it’s all…peek-a-boo? Is that the term? It feels pretty dressy indeed, but again the lace is really not my aesthetic and felt a bit scratchy.
The bra was a good fit, but I didn’t feel that supported (maybe the horizontal seams? the band was tight enough). The red color is lovely, though. If you can try it on in a store, give it a shot, but remember Wacoal uses American sizing in the US- I had a 32H which is a UK 32FF, but the cups were big enough. So I guess I would say the cups run generous in US sizes and the band seems pretty true to size.

Anyway, I didn’t buy anything, but it felt like a useful trip and I thought I’d share my data with you!


One thought on “Brief notes on a Nordstrom trip

  1. If you liked the fit of the Andorra but weren’t as crazy about the all over lace, try the Jasmine. It’s a fashion style, but it uses a fabric cup on the bottom and sides with the same stretch lace on the top as the Andorra. It also is slightly lower coverage than the Andorra too. However, as a forewarning, I will say the fabric on the Jasmine is heavily starched so it does take a washing or two to soften the feel of it. Great blog, by the way! 🙂

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