Ewa Michalak first thoughts

Due to a mixup with my roommates, my Ewa Michalak package languished at the post office for over three weeks! I thought EM was just being slow. No, no, not the case. I only had a day to look at and measure my merchandise before I ran off to vacation. Here’s what I thought, though, before I do full reviews.

CH Purple

I ordered this up a size, 32GG, because Bratabase seemed to indicate it ran small. Whoops! I swam in it. I’ll have to list it. My favorite of the bras design-wise, but oh well. It isn’t made in my size anymore.

CHP Stalowka

The gray is a bit more matte than I envisioned. I ordered my ‘standard’ British size, 32G, and it seems to fit quite well, with a tight band and a more generous cup. Not sure how extended wear will change it, though.

HP Kobalt

The blue-gray is actually shinier than I thought it would be (unlike the CHP Stawolka). Beautiful pattern. Also runs a bit firm in the band and generous in the cup. The way the cups come up on the size make this bra great for remigrating tissue back to the front. As the EM website says, I feel like my breasts are pushed towards my frame for less projection.

PL Karmelki

I got the bra in 32G despite reviews seeming to indicate a big cup and band. The cup and band seemed perfect at the time: I juuust succeed in not spilling out the middle. How did EM manage that? I’m not big on the seaming and button detailing, but wow. This works as well as any other plunge bra I’ve tried.

I will be spending the next week in lovely New Mexico for vacation! I look forward to getting back to the new bras (I did not take them with me) soon!


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