strength and positivity!

I am currently rehabbing a hip flexor strain (not sure how I got that), and I was being down that I have to take it easy on some exercises now. I do have some sense of self invested in exercise these days. Here’s a bit about that.

While we were discussing Wagner’s Ring Cycle, my partner told me that I would make an excellent Valkyrie. I was flattered, since he clearly thinks me-as-Valkyrie is a great idea and “totally hot.” However, I don’t know how many women would take that as a compliment.

I had a diabetes scare eight years ago, and that changed the way I thought about my body. I’d just thought it would take care of itself healthwise somehow. My wrongness was pretty intense- the body requires proper maintenance and upkeep, just like the mind. I began regular cardiovascular exercise, and then more recently, weightlifting. My goal is not to lift a certain amount with certain exercises. I just want to give myself the best chance against diabetes and heart disease, and my fitness is a good indicator of this. I will admit I do have some pride in being stronger than average, though- it’s useful in my daily life!

My response to my partner? “I think I’d make a better Amazon.” He seemed a bit confused, so I had to explain that I might be tall and buff and busty, but my hair’s very short and almost black, my eyes are almost black, and my skin tone is almost never found in native Scandinavians. He replied that he likes my singing voice. Good answer, man. Good answer.

Recovery will take time. I have physical therapy exercises I can do. I can still do cardiovascular activity, and I’m cleared for the leg press. Go go go!


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