Fit comments on a Nordstrom trip

I went to Nordstrom while at the mall to buy interview clothes, and tried on the Freya Ivy longline, the Freya Patsy halfcup bra, and the Panache Cleo Karen.


I’ve heard that the Freya padded styles can run big in the cup (and Freya bands are really loose). I tried on the Ivy longline and Patsy halfcup in 30G. Unfortunately, they were both definitely too small in the cup for me- I am running a bit full this week and am unsure why. However, the quad-boob was pronounced enough that I wouldn’t chance buying them. The Ivy is a beautiful design, but I wouldn’t want to deal with all five of those hooks often! As for the Patsy, I was really more curious about the way the halfcups fit. Since Freya doesn’t make padded bras besides the Deco in 30GG, they were a definite no-go.

As for Karen, I love the shape and pattern, but the cup runs small- a 32G cut into my breast tissue, and the cup sizes don’t go beyond G. It makes a round shape up top and on the bottom, and I’d recommend it for bottom-heavy breasts if sizing up a cup still puts you in their size range. The stars are a really fun print!


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