Curvy Kate Spring/Summer 2013 Collection

Curvy Kate is a relatively new company, and I remember when they didn’t have any continuity bras, just fun colors. Some of the styles have translated well to continuity colors (Emily), and some I just see as ‘meh’ (Lottie). I have a rocky relationship with Curvy Kate bras: I’ve returned a Tease Me and a Thrill Me, keep an Emily on low rotation, and own a Tempt Me that I rarely wear because it’s slightly too small but remain attached nonetheless. Sizing’s tricky for their bras, and the cups are wide and shallow. However, the color combinations are often amazing (teal and gold!), and the padded bras look fantastic for a boudoir shoot or lounging about.

Every half-year I take a sneak peek at their new brochure, and I’ve found some surprises/items of interest.

Princess in Orchid: far too girly for me in terms of detailing, but the color makes me want to go and eat cupcakes right now.

Gia:  The ‘strengthening laminated lower cup’ is apparently a hit in the GG+ range. I think they used a similar material in the Lottie. Does anyone know what the section is laminated with or how? It’s not a bra for me because I usually dislike sheerish upper panels and the wide wires don’t fit me well in non-padded cups. However, the geometry is fun! Cheryl of Invest in Your Chest finds the fit problematic for shallow profiles.

Desire: CK’s multiway bra! It actually has a curlicue print that I can’t really see on the light colors. I’d be curious to try it but am afraid the cut would be the same as the Tempt Me/Wild/Elegance (too shallow at the bottom of the cup for bottom-heavy breasts).

Enchant: I think this is CK’s first plunge bra? Normally I’d say this is too girly and sheer but the detailing and color are exquisite geometrically- I’m thinking chain among the clouds. Yes, I do love purple. If I get a new job I’ll want to try it out…my reservations are once again wire width and that CK tends to make the sheer part of the cup really big and sometimes unflattering in larger cup sizes.

Smoothie: This bra’s been on my wishlist since it came out. I am not really a pink person, and the blush version is a little light for my skin, but I love myself black t-shirt bras for my black tank tops. The leopardish print is thankfully not garish. Someday someday someday! I do need to figure out sizing- Erica of A Sophisticated PairBras I Hate and Love, and Cheryl of Invest in Your Chest have  reviewed this.

Tease Me: The purple is so bright and fun! I have sent Showgirl bras back in the past as they tend to show up under my clothes and I don’t like frills. It’s photos like this that make me regret that. I believe this is the last Tease Me we will see for a while (I peeked at the A/W 2013 catalog). I really enjoyed the black color combinations which are no longer available. For this bra, size down in the band and at least up one in the cup.

Fashion colors: Orchid, purple, and seafoam. A bit of raspberry, too! The seafoam color is unique and somehow warm-feeling, and I adore purples.

Wait, they don’t make those anymore?!: The Angel and Elegance seem to be gone, with the Elegance leaving more recently (surprising me because of the continuity colors). Perhaps the Desire has the same cut and is its replacement? The Angel had a cool criss-cross overlay, but the ribbon on top could cause fit problems so I never tried it.


5 thoughts on “Curvy Kate Spring/Summer 2013 Collection

  1. I have terrible luck with Curvy Kate, but I have to admit the Desire really has me interested. The side of the cup looks a little lower than the standard CK designs, and a multi-way bra would be amazing. BTW, I love your blog! I found it because I am now finally able to see pingbacks after months of them being sent to spam. I’ve added you to our blogroll and would love to feature you as a Saturday Spotlight soon!

  2. In the same boat on sheer paneling! I feel like I see many brands do large sheer sections in most of their bras above a G. It’s kind of why I adore Cleo for making many of their bras one entire pattern allover the cups minus the sheer panels. Then there are the occasional non-padded Freyas which do the same. I’m glad there’s something for everyone because not every woman wants what I, or we both, want. Heh! 😉

    • I’m just not a sheer or lace person, it’s the main reason I stay away from cut-sew bras. There is an exception for me, though- the Panache Confetti.
      Good point about Cleo- they don’t use sheer parts anywhere near as much as Freya or Curvy Kate. Panache usually doesn’t use a sheer cup in general. Now you have me thinking!

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