When to let go of a bra

This holiday season was celebrated with my partner’s family, since mine does not celebrate Christmas. His mother overfed us. And then there were parties and more overfeeding, and with all the travel I didn’t get to exercise as much as usual. I’m not sure if it’s that or my tissue remigration or hormonal changes (I had a Mirena installed in October) or something, but my bustline has increased a bit, which is enough to make me just a tad too big for my non-black decos (the black one is a bit larger for some reason), the PL Karmelki, and the Porcelain Plunge. They are all wearable but I when I scoop everything into the cup it’s too small- not by an entire cup size, but enough for me to notice and need to adjust every few hours.

I had a pile of bras that were just a bit too small or stretched out (Freya Taylor, another Deco in pistachio, some 5-month-worn Porcelains, a too-big band Freya Active) before that I admit I was hoarding in case I lost some tissue/weight, and now is probably the time to let go of them because they’re more than a hair too small for me. The question is how? Some of these have been somewhat worn already, so I think I’ll list them as giveaways on Bratabase- they might not be as nice as new bras, and I have washed them in a machine because I’m lazy, but women who only need a bra for a bit (weight fluctuation) or are saving up might appreciate them for the few months they have left, I hope!

The main roadblock for me is figuring out how to package and mail everything! I don’t live too near a post office, so I will need to ship several per group. What envelopes/mailers should I use and where should I buy them from? The bras are molded cups, so should I use bubble wrap or something? If you have good packaging advice I’d love to hear it.

What do you do with your not-quite-working bras? Do you hoard them? Give them to Goodwill? Sell them at a big discount? Give them away or try an exchange on Bratabase?


4 thoughts on “When to let go of a bra

  1. I’ve had a lot of success selling on Bratabase. If you are shipping in the US, the post office has flat rate boxes that work brilliantly, no bubble wrap required.

      • It depends on how many I’m shipping. For example, the small box will work (5.75 postage) if there is only 1 bra and if it’s a bra that is resilient. The medium box will hold several molded cup bras, and I think the shipping is $11ish. My bras are typically in the 32f-g range, so for the larger cups you may want to start with the medium.

  2. Please if possible could you say how you find the smoothies briefs. I have heard that they run small. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find any waist and hip measurements. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Kind regards Tim

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