Ewa Michalak CHP Stalowka review

I got this bra a month ago but have taken to reviewing bras after a while of wearing them, since I think some fit issues don’t crop up in the first week. Here’s what I’ve found.


Two vertical seams give a round and centered shape. The placement is different than the CH or HP models (namely somewhere in between), so there’s both projection and some uplift. See how they are not completely vertical on the model but seam towards the center? I’d assume this pushes the breasts together more (my breasts are splayed so they still weren’t next to each other).

Three hooks in the back give a tall band good anchoring.  Cotton lined on the inside, which is black. The top of the cup is somewhat open, so I tend to ‘settle into’ it more as the day goes on.


The color’s a matte gray, which I haven’t seen before. I applaud Ewa Michalak for trying something new! It has these little matte-gray flower-bows on it that I’m considering chopping off because I’m really not a bows person. However, they are the same color as the rest of the bra so don’t stand out. I fit into it well, so seams are not visible under clothing.  My lower pole fullness looks more emphasized than the PL model.


The 32G fits me just right, but may be a bit generous in the cup. If you’re between sizes, I’d say size down a cup from your most-worn UK size unless you are full on top. The underwires are narrow, but I fill the cups quite well. No cleavage like the pretty dreadlocked model, but I’m bottom-heavy and soft-tissued. The band runs pretty true to size- stretches a bit at first and now seems stable- it doesn’t ride up. I’m not sure if it’s because the underwires are not padded or if they form too narrow a U-shape for my breasts, but this bra can get uncomfortable at the end of the day. I end up readjusting myself a few times a day.

I don’t think Ewa Michalak bras retail in the US, so I order them from the website. Shipping to the US is a bit steep, so I’d suggest you save up for an order and get more than one bra.
I’m pretty happy with the CHP Stalowka. It centers breast tissue well, and the material is quite comfortable. I don’t see it in sizes larger than GG though, I seem to remember something about Ewa saying the construction did not support larger cups.


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