Ewa Michalak HP Kobalt review

I got this bra two months ago from ewa-michalak.pl and have worn it semi-regularly despite the fit issue. I ordered a 70(32)G, which is the size I start from for a bra.


Two vertical seams give a very uplifted shape (less projection than the CH or CHP styles). Three hooks in the back give a tall band good anchoring. I’m not sure if it’s because the underwires are not padded or if they form too narrow a U-shape for my breasts, but this bra can get uncomfortable at the end of the day. Cotton lined on the inside, in black at that! The straps are halfway adjustable.


This bra runs large in the cup, with a band that’s slightly tight. I’d say go down a cup size unless you’re full on top. If you’re not…well I admit that it’s currently a bit too big for me. There is a small gap between my breasts and the seams near the fore. I tend to jiggle on top when doing anything semi-strenuous with this bra (I feel supported on the bottom, though), which I assume is a symptom of a too-large cup. At the end of the day there’s almost no gap as my breasts have ‘settled in’, but I’m not sure that’s really what I should wear.
The underwires, as mentioned above, are pretty narrow so may make wide-root breasts unhappy. They also go pretty high, so I can work on tissue remigration.  Since I am full on the bottom, I don’t get the rounded shape above the top of the cup that the model does.


The color and pattern are more gray than I associate cobalt blue with, but true to the picture on my monitor. The floral pattern is somewhat shimmery (why aren’t there more shiny bras? I’d looove those) and a bit antique-looking. It continues onto the front of the straps, which is a nice feature! Again, I’m not big on the center bow, but it’s nice for some and easily remedied for those who don’t like it. The two seams will show under clothes, and the lace edging does too- but again, that could be because the bra’s a bit too big for me!

It seems the HP shape seems discontinued in favor of the CHP, but I think I’d like the HP shape more if it fit me a bit better. I now understand the fuss about Ewa Michalak: the bras give an amazing shape. I’m torn about this bra- it is just slightly too big. Do I list it (for a few dollars) or wait in case I gain weight? I’m leaning towards the former.


7 thoughts on “Ewa Michalak HP Kobalt review

  1. If you decide to list it, here you’d have buyer straight away 😉 Judging from what I’ve read about the HP, it sounds like the perfect match for me – and the size of your bra would probably be perfect as well (I’m a 65H/70GG normally).

    In any case, a very pretty bra and a good review – thanks!

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