Fairy bramothering!

I’ll admit here that while I don’t draw anywhere near as lucrative a salary as pretty much any other software engineer I know (is it rude to tell/not tell your salary on the internet if you have some anonymity?), I am rather fortunate and make plenty enough to eat, retire on time, play video games, travel, and buy two bras a month (this is because I don’t plan to have children). Thus I consider it my duty to give away semi-used bras because I read a lot about young students or others who could get some months’ use out of a bra I’ve worn some and have grown out of/never really fit into. Maybe it’s presumptuous, but I would have taken someone up on that offer when I was a student, especially when I was still trying to find my size! Thanks to Bratabase, I sent five bras to new homes today in the US, Canada, Malaysia, and the Czech Republic. I’ve one more free bra in 32G- Panache Porcelain in nude.

Additionally, there are some really nice ones I own that I’ve been a bad bramother about and worn and machine washed a few times. What would you put the valuation of such a bra (original value 50-60 USD) at? I’m going to try to sell them for $15.  I’m excited that others can make better use of my engineering equipment that’s in storage for me. There’s no ‘just in case’ I lose or gain weight. I will buy those when I need them, because storage space is more valuable to me since I seem to change houses every year.

The Bratabase market has become flooded with all sorts of bras in several kinds of condition. You can search by size or style. I’m pretty excited by what the community has to offer us- the site admin has been great about reimbursing me for giveaway shipping.

2 thoughts on “Fairy bramothering!

  1. So glad I read your post today, since over the past week or so I have been considering I must have over 20 bras I don’t use for many reasons, either because they have always been the wrong size for me or because I have put on quite a bit of weight over the past 5 years and I always keep them with the excuse that I’ll lose weight and use them…(wishful thinking), since some of them still have tags on!. So I am going to check how to list them in Bratabase and find them a nice home, some for free and some to fund my first Ewa Michalak order, which I hope to make very soon 🙂

  2. I am one of girls you’ve sent a free-be to. it’s for my friend who it should fit. It would be too small for me . I too have listed a bra as a give-away. I’d rather someone get some use out of it instead of just taking up room in my bra drawer. BTW, I like your blog!

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