Ewa Michalak PL Karmelki

I received the PL Karmelki about a two months ago, and have worn it a handful of times since then.


Three-part plunge cup with removable pads to correct breast asymmetry. Fully adjustable straps, yay! However, the straps are really difficult to adjust if you have the bra on because their friction coefficient is so high you have to exert plenty of force on the strap adjuster before it will move. Well, at least no strap slippage!


Band was quite tight the first few wears, but then stretched out. I’d say cups run small or true to size, and I’m on the large size of the 32G. The cups seem to fit perfectly when I first put the bra on (without the pads in). However! I have soft tissue, and it leaks down to the center of the gore and creates quad-boob after two hours or so. The conventional wisdom from the blogosphere is to go up a cup size with the PL if you have soft tissue. I thought this bra ran large in the cup for some reason, maybe Bratabase measurements? Anyway, if you have soft breasts, go up a size and keep your regular band size- the fabric will stretch.


I like the darker color ‘nude’. There are two decorative buttons at the gore, which I prefer to bows or flowers. The fabric is covered in a crisscross embroidery overlay which reminds me of the Curvy Kate Angel. The straps are extensively detailed (the friction reduces slippage) with  a decorative button where they join the cups. The overlay and lace edging of the cup are a more cream color. Maybe it is a bit too small, or maybe my breasts are soft, but oh my goodness, the shape! It lifts me and lets me wear a low neckline if I want. If the seams were covered or unobtrusive under tank tops, I’d wear this construction with most anything and own four PL EM bras (I, er, currently own five Decos).

I am debating listing this bra because of the spillage, even though it is amazing. I’m definitely adding Ewa Michalak bras to my watch list for an upcoming order. Next time I order a PL, I’ll go up a cup size. I am also looking at the EM S shape, which seems to be a plunge bra with a higher gore for ladies with softer tissue. It seems to give a slightly less round shape, though, so it’s not on my MUST BUY NAO list.


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