Spring and Summer collections = winter confusion!

Warning: this post came about when trying to do a roundup of Panache’s Spring/Summer 2013 collections…

Once upon a time, I believed bra manufacturers had two discrete times when ‘new’ designs would come out- some nebulous date in September, and another in March. Nothing’s actually that simple in the fashion world, I guess! It seems, despite the terms Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter, companies introduce new bras each month for a period of three to four months in the amorphous Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter seasons. What’s more, different companies have different times they start releasing their bras.

Curvy Kate, for example, released their Romance in Charcoal/Seafoam and new Entice in white/gold in December 2012. These are labeled Spring/Summer bras. It seems a bit…early? I guess the idea is that they will get the most wear then? The last major release I see for Curvy Kate is in March, and includes the Enchant. I guess the second half of March is technically spring?

Freya seem to have a similar schedule, but their website doesn’t clearly label bras as S/S or A/W, which is less misleading. It just has a Coming Soon section with the next few bras due for release and when. The other Eveden brands seem to have a similar approach, with Fantasie releasing bras into May. The Wacoal site (since Wacoal bought Eveden) didn’t have a Coming Soon section that I could find. An aside: Wacoal has a terrible fitting guide, by the way…I put in two measurements and it put me in a 36D. That’s a ways away from a 32G/US 32I any way you slice it.

Panache (and Cleo and Masquerade) are confusing in that I can’t find their Spring/Summer collection online. Their official website still has all their Autumn/Winter (labeled as such) collections and brochures. I know some of their bras are already out, so I’m surprised they’re not hyping them. I’m no marketer, but I do know that up-to-date information on products should help them sell.

Anyway, in the end it seems rather confusing to me, and since I’m not exactly sure what’s in the new Masquerade collection, I’m not going to do a Panache brand roundup yet. Erica of a Sophisticated Pair has the details from Cleo, Superbra, and the new Sculptresse line. Any other insight you ladies can offer? Has anyone else been as confused as I?


6 thoughts on “Spring and Summer collections = winter confusion!

  1. I completely agree with you! Would you believe I already have my “Fall/Winter” catalogs for some companies? The release dates range from June to October depending on the style and brand which I find confusing. I understand, as a retailer and fashion lover, the concept of releasing items for the next season early so people can snatch them up and start wearing them early. However, sometimes I feel it’s a bit excessive, especially when what’s releasing now doesn’t reflect the season. If you’re interested, I’ll post the pictures for the Masquerade line so you can do a real round-up. Let me know!

    • What I had in mind was more of an ‘interesting things I noticed’ roundup like I did with Curvy Kate- I’m not going to do anything too exhaustive. That said, if you post the Masquerade pictures I’ll most definitely be able to post on, well, all of them!

  2. Sometimes I find it helpful to see the images ahead if time, as it helps curb impulse purchases and encourages me to budget. That being said, between some Winter styles still trickling in and some Spring styles already being marked down, it’s bewildering!

  3. Hi!
    Stanikomania.pl is the best source for new seasons. So if you are interested in Masquerade, here is the SS & AW (wiosna = spring, lato = summer, jesień = autumn and zima = winter):
    Szukaj na stanikomanii is search, so you could write down any brand and you will see the magic of stanikomania! 🙂

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