Shapewear ramblings

I love myself the Freya Deco, and am delighted that it’s spawned spinoffs like the soft cup and half cup (which runs small and goes only up to F!). In April they are launching a longline, a convertible bra, a verrry high-waisted control brief, and a strapless slip. Shapewear is a giant industry and has been since there were corsets and stays. The options are pretty crazy to me- control pantyhose, control briefs, girdles, waist cinchers, the big torso thing (body?). Of these, I will only wear a corset (nothing heavy duty), and only if it’s on the outside and of a cool design.


Most shapewear works via compression, or squeezing me. Now, I like to be hugged, and I like close-fitting clothing, but shapewear just feels restrictive most of the time. It’s worn to ‘normalize’ one’s fat and curves to a socially acceptable standard or to fit into a dress, without getting to show off a fun color, cut, design, or print. I’m not including basques, though- they are made to be seen, even if only by a few! I don’t think I’d wear a basque under my clothing for housecleaning, work, or baking several dozen red velvet cookies.

I have pretty narrow hips, very muscular legs thanks to biking a lot, and my behind is quite flat. This leads to awkward constant shifting in most chairs because I lack the padding to keep me comfortable. Whoever designed me put it all on my torso instead, in my stomach, on my ribs, on my breasts. I do have lumps and bumps in tight fitting clothing, though! Once upon a time I wore tummy-control swimsuits, but I’ve decided that my stomach is just a stomach- it’s there in three different fat rolls when I hunch over at all and it’s got some interesting stretch marks from just growing. It works, it’s part of me, and I accept that it won’t look like in the fashion magazines in most dresses. Fashion models and some entertainers spend their entire time and career trying to look a certain way, their livelihood depends on it. I just get up and get dressed and then write code, and people pay me for that. I’d rather spend time with friends than spend it and money trying to make my stomach look different (with the caveat of fitness, that’s a health matter, not an appearance matter!).

I wear a bra because my breasts like support, but why do I care about the shape those give? Why care about the shape of my bust but not my stomach or thighs or butt? My reasoning is that since it’s really optimal for me to wear a supportive bra anyway, I might as well go for something that I like aesthetically without sacrificing comfort- I don’t wear any compression bras, and most of the bras that give the shape I like are also comfortable to me. So it seem that I like approving of how I look in the mirror, but won’t squish myself unless it’s really pretty on the outside.

The Freya Deco shapewear range looks quite beautiful. Normally I will want almost anything Deco that fits, but I’ll pass these up. The floral pattern may appeal to others, though, and I could be tempted by the convertible were it not for me owning six Decos including a strapless already…

Do you wear shapewear? Daily or for special occasions? Do you like it or consider it a ‘necessary’ evil?

2 thoughts on “Shapewear ramblings

  1. First, I didn’t realize you were a coder! In my former life, I did this as well. 🙂 Secondly, I am with you on the shapewear front. I really am not a big fan. I hate feeling so confined, and I avoid control top pantyhose. I guess I understand the purpose especially if you wear a lot of unforgiving clothing, but I’d rather be comfortable all day.

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