Freya Deco Strapless

I owned a Panache Porcelain Body until a good while ago- it was a 34FF, but I didn’t care for the fabric all over, as I dislike shapewear. I sometimes sadly need a strapless bra (being a bridesmaid, mostly), so I picked up a Freya Deco strapless a while ago.

freya deco strapless photo


The cups are wider than the standard Deco and the gore is higher. Four-hook closure for stability. It’s a lot more bra than the Deco, but that seems necessary for a strapless. Lined with silicone for less slippage down. There are actually two positions one can hook the straps into front and back. Points for versatility and accommodating different shoulder widths and different multiway fits.


Wow. This worked better than I expected. The cups are pretty full, and the band is quite firm, so a 32G (I wear a 30GG in the regular Deco) fits well. If I were between cup sizes I’d size down.


I’ve tried wearing this around for a full day with and without straps, although I haven’t had an occasion that needed a strapless yet. No sliding down (I wasn’t dancing or anything though).


Nice rounded profile. No cleavage for me and my bottom-heavy breasts, since the cups are full. That’s fine by me. The ‘nude’ color is a lighter beige than my skin.

I don’t use a strapless bra often, and I’ve only worn this and the Porcelain body since I wore anything remotely resembling the correct size (I have tried on a Fantasie strapless in this size, and unfortunately I couldn’t fill out the apexes of those cups). This is more comfortable for me than the body, but is still a special occasion piece for me. I wouldn’t recommend extended strenuous activity in this bra, I imagine sweat and silicone don’t mix well over too many hours. If you like the Deco, chances are you’ll like this bra as well. If you think the Deco gives too pronounced a cleavage or plunges too much, it may still work as the center gore is higher. If you have trouble filling it, though, I’d give the Porcelain strapless a try.


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