Trying things on for size: Cleo Juna

I made an ASOS order of three bras to celebrate my new job! I don’t know how full a review I can do of each since I just tried them on (I find more fit issues can appear after extended wear or several months).

The Cleo Juna is a continuity collection that always comes in beige and black.  There are also usually patterns based on the same shape: Darcy, Rihanna, Ellie, Sadie, and more. There’s often a fashion color each season: this March it’s strawberry.

I am not a pink person, but this is a hot pink I thought might work. I thought I would give this a model a try as I like padded bras, and seams offer extra support and shape.

Construction: Two-part padded cup with continuous band. Single vertical seam keeps the breasts from wandering east-west. Wire width seems about average to me. Straps are partly adjustable, so short torsos might have some issues without an alteration. Two hooks in the back.

Fit: Band felt on the stretchy side- I’d only be able to do an extended evaluation with wearing it for a month.  The cups fit in my ‘standard’ size 32G, but they are deep. Like the Masquerade Rhea, this seems best suited to full-on-top or full in the middle shapes (high and average profiles). I can get a good fit with my somewhat full-on-bottom shape, but if you have an extremely shallow profile I wouldn’t recommend this bra. Scooping and setting is necessary!

Looks: There was more lace than I thought there would be! I wonder what would happen if I removed it? Unfortunately, some of it attaches at the gore. I don’t like the lace pattern, but it does probably help smooth out the top line of the cup. Vertical seam was not visible under a tank top, but the top of the cup showed in some t-shirts. The bra is starched, so that might change after a few washes.

Unfortunately, I didn’t like the color with my skin tone. I liked the shape enough to buy, though, so I’m sending this back and purchased a Cleo Rihanna, which has a fun geometric print. As a software developer, I love the pixelated look!


2 thoughts on “Trying things on for size: Cleo Juna

  1. So far, the Juna is the only bra I’ve found to fit me. I do believe I’m a larger “shallow” (having been smaller at a younger age) and I think I’m on the edge of “balanced” to “lower fullness” at this point, with my breasts being “soft” but not “softest”.

    I tried three sizes and kept a 36G.

    I think it was the style that works for me – the vertical seam and lack of top coverage.

    I will be posting a full review on my blog soon.

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