Modesty Panel

I somehow missed this when it first circulated, but I want to amp the signal of several bloggers discussing modesty!

Bras and Body Image
Braless in Brasil
Contrary Kiwi
Fussy Busty
Hourglassy- Off the Rack
Miss Underpinnings
Red Hair and Girly Flare
Sophia Jenner
Sophisticated Pair
That Bra Does Not Fit Her
Thin and Curvy
Weirdly Shaped and Well Photographed

I don’t feel I have much that hasn’t been said quite well to add to the discussion, but here are a few notes:

  • My formerly Muslim dad tried to pay me in high school to wear longer shorts.
  • I dress for myself most of the time. I do not owe attractiveness or modesty to anyone.
  • I cannot control who gets off on what sexually. My exposed elbows may be fetishized and that really should not be something I have to do something about.
  • It is insulting to people who are sexually oriented towards women to think that they have less control towards women who show more skin.

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