Freya Deco Wireless Review

I’ve never tried a soft cup before, but I was curious to try the Deco Wireless. I get along well with the Deco Plunge and the Deco strapless, so thought I’d give this a try.


The cup is a simple mold, and there are two hooks in the back. No underwires. The plunge in front is pretty radical. Fully adjustable straps.


I ordered my ‘starter size’ of 32G. Unfortunately, the bottom of the cups are extremely shallow for me so I get a lot of fabric buckling at the bottom and a lot of me quad-boobing at the top. I decided to wash it and give it another few tries to see if it would soften up, but sadly that was not to be. My tissue is also soft so it slides around a good deal. To make matters more unfortunate, I gained weight.

The band is pretty stretchy, almost as much as the regular Decos.


The bra itself is simple and sleek (no bow at the gore, yay!). My looks in it, however, are, er, not, since the spillage is visible in shirts.

This bra is best for women with firm tissue who aren’t full on the bottom, I think. The neckline is many kinds of fab, and it’s a comfy piece for a while before my tissue settles where it wants to. I’ll probably list it, and I hope it works for someone else!

Masquerade Amor review

I’ve always been a sucker for Masquerade’s padded styles, but sometimes feel that they are overembellished for me. The Amor looked perfect on a monitor- clean lines, smooth finish, shimmery satin. However, I’ve had fuller cups (Capella) come up too large on me. I’ve gained about two kilos the past six weeks, a bit in my bust, so I thought I’d give it a try.

amor back view


Molded cup bra (no seams, the dart in the front of the cup is cosmetic), sweetheart neckline. Fully adjustable straps and two hooks in the back. Like many others, I’d love three hooks in the back for Masquerade styles but it’s just a pipe dream.


The sapphire blue and berry are jewel-tone galore! Metal strap adjusters and hooks. No other embellishments. Continuous satin band. The fabric contrast seam on the cup shows through some tight tanks.


The bottom of the cup is a bit shallow for me, so I get a bit of buckling at the bottom of the cup. If you’re especially full on the bottom you’ll most likely run into this problem as well. However, the cup fit amazingly- rounded with no empty space in. Since I’m a bit fuller right now, you might want to size down in the cup if you’re between sizes. The band runs a little tight, so if you’re between band sizes, size up.

The briefs (size 12 as usual) are a bit full in the backside for me, but they fit my waist pretty snugly.

Despite the small fabric fold, I bought another in the spring Berry colorway from Bellefleur since I’m short on bras that really fit me right now. Unfortunately it only goes to G. I’d love if Masquerade could continue with this style, but it seems to be going to more lacy makes this fall. I’d recommend this bra for women with middle or lower fullness who like molded bras and efficient design.

almost upsizes, and Jockey’s new venture

Since I tried to eat a good portion of Boston before I left and I’m adjusting to Seattle, I’ve gained some weight- just enough to make two thirds of my bras not fit. I think I’ll settle back down in a few months, but for now I’m going to wear bras that tend towards the big side: Masquerade Amor, Panache Sport, and my EM CH Onyx. I rotate in the Porcelain and the black Deco sometimes, but I should really keep on wearing the larger ones to be sufficiently supported so I can run for the bus. I ordered a bigger bra to help tide me over (Cleo Marcie 32GG), but it was definitely too large in the cup.

I’ve been thinking about which bras I feel most stable in, and the results puzzle me slightly. For some reason my Ewa Michalak bras don’t support the top and I feel rather wobbly. Not sure if that’s a size or style question (this is true in my CH and CHP styles, I don’t remember having this issue in the too-small PL I tried).

It seems I need underwires that come up high under my arms and the cup to encompass the front well. Plunge bras actually work well for this because they have to anchor somehow! I have trouble filling out actual full coverage cups. I haven’t had the best of luck with Cleo’s nor Freya’s wires on the side (I get escapee breast) for most bras.

Meanwhile, Jockey International has decided to try a new bra fitting technique with new sizing! Apparently they ship you some plastic cups in different shapes and you stick your breasts in and see what works best (cups are numbered 1-10, instead of given letters). You then measure around your rib cage and send in that measurement. I’m a bit leery of it working at larger sizes, since an H seems to correspond to a 9. In either case, it’s $20 to try it, and then you get a voucher for $20 off a bra. The bras offered aren’t especially interesting, but I do want to applaud and support Jockey for trying something new (and taking away the weird psychological hangups one can have with cup letters). I’d have to go to Tulalip to get fitted in store, so I’ll debate between that and ordering online.

Any of you heard about or tried Jockey’s new bra fitting kit/methodology? I’d love to know your thoughts!