Masquerade Amor review

I’ve always been a sucker for Masquerade’s padded styles, but sometimes feel that they are overembellished for me. The Amor looked perfect on a monitor- clean lines, smooth finish, shimmery satin. However, I’ve had fuller cups (Capella) come up too large on me. I’ve gained about two kilos the past six weeks, a bit in my bust, so I thought I’d give it a try.

amor back view


Molded cup bra (no seams, the dart in the front of the cup is cosmetic), sweetheart neckline. Fully adjustable straps and two hooks in the back. Like many others, I’d love three hooks in the back for Masquerade styles but it’s just a pipe dream.


The sapphire blue and berry are jewel-tone galore! Metal strap adjusters and hooks. No other embellishments. Continuous satin band. The fabric contrast seam on the cup shows through some tight tanks.


The bottom of the cup is a bit shallow for me, so I get a bit of buckling at the bottom of the cup. If you’re especially full on the bottom you’ll most likely run into this problem as well. However, the cup fit amazingly- rounded with no empty space in. Since I’m a bit fuller right now, you might want to size down in the cup if you’re between sizes. The band runs a little tight, so if you’re between band sizes, size up.

The briefs (size 12 as usual) are a bit full in the backside for me, but they fit my waist pretty snugly.

Despite the small fabric fold, I bought another in the spring Berry colorway from Bellefleur since I’m short on bras that really fit me right now. Unfortunately it only goes to G. I’d love if Masquerade could continue with this style, but it seems to be going to more lacy makes this fall. I’d recommend this bra for women with middle or lower fullness who like molded bras and efficient design.


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