Freya Deco Wireless Review

I’ve never tried a soft cup before, but I was curious to try the Deco Wireless. I get along well with the Deco Plunge and the Deco strapless, so thought I’d give this a try.


The cup is a simple mold, and there are two hooks in the back. No underwires. The plunge in front is pretty radical. Fully adjustable straps.


I ordered my ‘starter size’ of 32G. Unfortunately, the bottom of the cups are extremely shallow for me so I get a lot of fabric buckling at the bottom and a lot of me quad-boobing at the top. I decided to wash it and give it another few tries to see if it would soften up, but sadly that was not to be. My tissue is also soft so it slides around a good deal. To make matters more unfortunate, I gained weight.

The band is pretty stretchy, almost as much as the regular Decos.


The bra itself is simple and sleek (no bow at the gore, yay!). My looks in it, however, are, er, not, since the spillage is visible in shirts.

This bra is best for women with firm tissue who aren’t full on the bottom, I think. The neckline is many kinds of fab, and it’s a comfy piece for a while before my tissue settles where it wants to. I’ll probably list it, and I hope it works for someone else!


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