Simulator 2014

I like to know how things work. Back in grad school I worked with Maya a bunch to simulate particle physics and to learn how it interacted with 3D modeling and animation. More recently, I’ve used the physics engine in Unity to make game demos for fun. The other day I began to envision a program/tool that would let us design our own bras and see how they worked. Start with a model of a torso. The breasts should be variable in shape, size, composition. There would be many variables like the measurements/squishiness of the underbust as well as the overbust. Then add an assortment of bra models using a cloth mesh. Ideally the user would be able to vary the cloth composition and seams, etc.


  • The physics involved. I know how gravity works, but I don’t remember the formulas for opposing seams/cloth/flesh/muscles, nor the force and forgiveness of various fabrics.
  • Anatomy. I don’t know what force all the different tissues exert on each other and on fabric. Also, what causes pain/marks and what wouldn’t.
  • The sheer amount of variables for the body and the bra. Good grief.

The more I think about it, the more I wonder what the job of a bra engineer is like! Also, this would be an undertaking I’d need a lot of physics and anatomy help for. Do any of you know of any tools like that? Do you think it sounds as fun as I do?

Anyway, that’s today’s pipe dream. Perhaps one day with proper consultation I can make it, or at least a decent contribution…


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