Fit and Active September?

I’m joining the fun some other bloggers are having with Fit and Active September.

I go to the gym about three times a week and generally walk a bunch (Seattle is pretty hilly). I’ve had short breaks since I moved here of not adhering to the practice, but I’ve increased my military press by ten pounds, and some of the other exercises have definitely gotten easier (planks, push and pull ups on a bar, squats). I assume I’ve built some muscle to do this.

Bra bands feel tighter. The exercises do build back muscles, so there’s less squish. I can’t really wear a 30 band anymore except on older stretched out bras. Some 32s need extenders now (Masquerade’s bands don’t stretch much). At first I thought I was gaining fat around my rib cage. That may be the case, but muscle could also be the cause. I’m making an appointment with a trainer to check my body fat/weight. That should give me an idea of how my body has changed.

My sports bras are the most excellent Panache Sport (which my partner tried to fasten the other morning when I was tired and cranky, and he was amazed by the strength it requires) and the Freya Active Underwired. The latter does run quite tight and gives me a hilarious torpedo shape complete with prominent horizontal seams, but it’s sturdy and lightweight. The Panache Sport is a wonderfully comfortable bra and sometimes I wear it just for the day, workout or none.

Have you found that you needed different bras with a different exercise regimens? What’s your favorite sports bra?


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